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Safety toys are made of safe and environmentally friendly materials. When dealing with physical burrs, sharp edges, sharp points, and the firmness and length of the parts ropes, the operation must meet the standards to ensure the quality of the products. When choosing toys, people should pay attention to the details of the toys, pay attention to whether the toys contain peculiar smells, and choose toys without peculiar smells and sharp edges. 


The advantages of wooden toys are mainly reflected in some characteristics and development design of the material itself. The raw material of wooden toys is wood, and wood is a product of nature, without some chemical elements, so the material itself is relatively safe. Younger children like to put toys in their mouths, even some naughty children will deliberately beat and disassemble toys. With poor material and chemical composition, some toys are easily broken which can cause harm to children. Compared with toys of other materials, wooden toys are safer and healthier. Linhai in southeastern China has abundant timber resources. We have a large forest farm in Linhai to ensure that there are sufficient and healthy raw materials for the development and production of wooden toys.

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