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At Linhai Xinxing Sports, we have an unrivalled selection of board games that span the ages from some of the finest manufacturers around the world. Many are unique to us as we strive to ensure that people are able to obtain the old games that have been played for centuries.

Chess 8777

High grade wooden large square chessboard size 43x43x5.5cm

Exquisite metal chess pieces with skin on the bottom

Chess pieces can be stored internally

wooden chess set
wooden chess set
wooden chess set
wooden chess set
wooden chess set

Board dimensions: 17.25 x 10.4 x 2.25 inches (closed - not including suitcase handle). Full set weight with pieces: 5 pounds.
Game piece dimensions: 1.25 in diameter x 0.38 in height, Game piece weight: 0.1 ounces.
Board type: Inlaid Beech wood (Germany), Walnut wood (USA), Sapele wood (Africa), Bass wood (China) (wood grown from eco-friendly sources), suitcase style with 2 clasps and handle.
Game piece type: Birch wood (from USA) in light brown and dark brown.
Comes with board, complete set of 30 game pieces, five dice, two wood dice cups, and instructions.
*Please verify that dimensions fit your needs before purchasing.

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wooden chess set
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