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Will the Pickleball Club grow in China?

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                                                                        Will the Pickleball Club grow in China?

Although the 2022 pickleball has become famous on the other side of the ocean, it is also a matter of the second half of the year, and when domestic practitioners react that most areas have entered winter and are no longer suitable for outdoor sports, the development of pickleball has been delayed. Now with the warm weather, Frisbee, waist flag fans have returned, and pickleball has slowly spout its new bud.

Looking at the domestic sports market in the past two years, the precedent of Frisbee and waist flag has proved that if you want to develop a new sport, you must first hit the hearts of young people. The same is true if Pickball is to catch on in China, according to Danze, founder of PICKBOOM, the first pickball club in southwest China. Danzer told Kryptonite: "A sport that young people like, in addition to its own fun, there are only three things: social attributes, fashion attributes and the lifestyle behind it, people are willing to spend their precious time and money." Although this was the most controversial topic in the early days of Frisbee and bunting, who wants to pay to play a sport that has no meaning or extention?


The social nature of pickleball is different from that of Frisbee. At most, there are only eight people in a doubles game with a replacement, which is destined to provide a more accurate and deeper social range.

"Many friends who play Frisbee will encounter the situation of not playing together, pickleball you and your teammates say to play after work; and generally speaking, if you find a suitable ball friend or partner, you play some of your own representative battles, will establish a deep connection and tacit understanding with each other, which is also a rare point." At the same time, with the accelerated pace of life and work, many people do not have enough energy and time to save a 15-20 people, that for them, pickleball can meet the needs of exercise, but also accurate social interaction, can be said to be a very good choice.

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