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Why promote Frisbee now?

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In the hot summer, the most popular outdoor sports under the line are not traditional sports such as basketball, running, swimming, etc., but the new elite - Frisbee sport. Yes, it is the so-called dog-walking magic Frisbee, but after standardization, now the game with the Frisbee is 175g weight, size 273mm diameter, of course, there are children's version, the size is reduced correspondingly.

Originating in the United States, Frisbee was popular in the United States as early as the 50's and 60's, and was introduced into China in the 80's. In recent years, it has swept the country, gradually formed a variety of clubs, and implemented the relevant competition system.

Frisbee sport is suitable for all ages, the field requirements are simple, as long as there is a flat open space, you can play double or multiple people, mainly through the forward and backhand to teammates throw the Frisbee, and then teammates catch it firmly. Of course, the most hot frisbee sports below the line refers to a group of 7 people, the two groups of people each other, through the pass, and finally throw the Frisbee into the scoring zone that scores, and finally within the specified time, with the most points for the winning group.

The sudden explosion of Frisbee sports has a lot to do with the playability of the game. There is no physical contact between the players, and they are not allowed to block the running of other players, so the probability of injury is not large, which is very different from the traditional competitive sports such as basketball and football, and also makes the audience of such sports expand in disguise. At the same time, this sport tests eyesight, passing skills, and cooperation between teammates, making this sport more interesting.

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