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Why is it said that building blocks are one of the most exercise children's brain toys?

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Why is it said that building blocks are one of the most exercise children's brain toys?

For the baby who can sit independently after the age of half a year, the family can buy large blocks for the baby to train the baby to understand the geometric shape, this process is a very novel existence for the baby, is the toy from a single simple plane to a multiple, complex three-dimensional process.

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  2. In this process, the child's curiosity has been expanded, the interest is guided in the size of different blocks, the touch and exploration of blocks can promote the development and evolution of children's brains, promote children's scientific thinking, spatial thinking, hands-on ability to improve, considerate parents can also cultivate children's ability to organize toys and develop good living habits; It can be said that building blocks are recognized as indispensable toys for children's childhood. The process of a child's small hands holding blocks of different shapes and the feeling of his hands are not the same, including color, texture, size, which is a deep stimulation of the child's brain, but also an ability to cultivate the child's hand-eye coordination.

  3. Feel the wonder of this toy by exploring and even biting the pieces. In the process of assembling the blocks into patterns, the child will have a sense of accomplishment. And this sense of achievement will in turn affect the child's psychological development, so that children become more confident. With the help of adults, children can complete the complex building block combination process according to the drawings, which is a good exercise for children's observation ability. Observing the composition of the picture, finding the corresponding blocks, and building in order is not an easy thing for children who are new to this. At the same time, it can also hone the child's will to constantly overcome their own incompetence and reach new heights in the process of transition from simple to complex, a process that only the child himself can experience.

  4. Building blocks can cultivate children's ability to interact with people: in the process of building blocks, parents can cooperate with their children, two children can cooperate with each other, this cooperation can let children learn how to division of labor, how to coordinate, how to help each other, the child's emotional intelligence is a good exercise.

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  6. Today's children are too self-centered, and this kind of training can help children calm down and adjust how to work with others, which is very important. In the process of children playing with blocks, parents can also cultivate their children's ability to take care of themselves, that is, let the child be responsible for picking up blocks. For younger babies, you can let your baby learn to recognize shapes while learning to master numbers. From the details to cultivate the baby's careful, from a young age to develop meticulous habits. On the other hand, it is also strengthening the baby's concept of numbers, letting him know the corresponding numbers, and slowly laying the foundation for the child to understand the abstract numbers. While the building blocks are small, the knowledge they contain is not small.

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