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Why is chess a sport

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physical education (PE or P.E.) is a complex social and cultural phenomenon, which takes physical and intellectual activities as the basic means, according to the laws of human growth and development, skill formation and function improvement. To achieve a conscious, purposeful and organized social activity to promote all-round development, improve physical fitness and overall education level, enhance physical fitness and improve athletic ability, improve lifestyle and improve quality of life.

Some people look at sports from the surface, they only think that running, jumping, swimming, ball, boxing and other intense physical sports can be counted as sports, and chess is two people sitting opposite each other, chess pieces weighing no more than a few grams, also counted as sports, it seems difficult to understand.

People often ask: how can chess also be a sport?

First of all, chess activities are highly intense mental exercise. The artistic expression of a game of chess lies in its rigorous conception and endless changes. At the same time, chess players need to have abundant physical strength and willpower. A chess player must think carefully about each move, in addition to considering the relationship between local and global, gains and losses and trade-offs, but also consider the general law and special changes, and think about the opponent's approach and tactics, which is similar to some other competitive sports. The time of a basketball game is forty minutes, and in a large event, a chess game needs several hours to be won and lost, which more tests the physical strength and willpower of the players, and the exercise of endurance will also enhance the physique, so it belongs to sports

Secondly, like other sports, chess has a complete training and competition system. There are professional players, coaches and referees, and the Swiss system and cycle system used in the competition system are also similar to other sports competition systems.

Finally, chess and other sports also have strict competition rules, and both sides compete under the same conditions, which is a comprehensive competition than intelligence, skill and physical strength. Fair and just, in learning chess skills at the same time, but also learned a lot of philosophy of life, "chess silent really gentleman, no regret husband." Chess has a strong educational significance and can promote the all-round development of people, so I believe that chess activities are sports.

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