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Why is Go one of the most complex mind games?

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                                                                Why is Go one of the most complex mind games?

Go is not complicated, nor is it the most complicated. Because of its complete system of competitions, training and books, Weiqi is one of the best board games to exercise one's thinking ability and concentration. We can say that Weiqi is very difficult, but it is not complex in an absolute sense. Complexity can be talked about in two ways, one is the rules themselves, from the original situation of the game. One is the complexity of playing the game well (such as the various personal qualities required to get into the top 1%).

1 The rules of Go are simple, with only three rules. Many games actually rule a lot of words, such as many board games first need a lot of literacy, take The Three Kingdoms, the required reading comprehension ability and the amount of writing most kindergarten children can not control, but the kindergarten under the level of Go is good or there are many people.

2 Go has almost no luck factor, there is a difference in the segment, the winning rate will be pulled very big, Go only tests the learning efficiency, and does not have to test the observation of the face of the opponent and the situation of multilateral players. In addition, Go has a very large systematic knowledge system and a complete teaching talent echelon, which can greatly assist fans, while most electronic games rely on players to experience themselves, many training methods are not systematic, and learning a game also needs to figure out effective training methods, which is more complicated.


Weiqi is difficult to win the player is difficult, because Weiqi players and many other games are different, the mainstream players of Weiqi is seriously learned, even the lowest several levels, it is eating skills, ending, middle plate these concepts are known, will be quite a degree of mental calculation. The ability to level up in Weiqi indicates that there is a certain learning ability, good concentration, and effective self-repetition ability, which is like sinking a deep well, overcoming the resistance of the rock formation, and finding the water source.

A similar situation only appears in chess and chess player groups, and the reason for forming such a player group is that these games do not have much luck, and rely on accurate judgment and comprehensive memory. Once again, Go is not complicated. It has this reputation because it is difficult to win the game. Go has a large board and little luck (of course, it is mainly fun) and has accumulated a lot of in-depth research and systematic learning of the player group. Go is worth learning and drawing on the wisdom accumulated over thousands of years, but it is not complicated.

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