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Why do many children who learn chess become "excellent students"?

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                           Why do many children who learn chess become "excellent students"?

Chess is the most popular intellectual sport in the world today, and its largest organization - the Chess Federation, currently has 120 member states (regions), second only to the International Football Federation. The reason why chess has such a great charm is that it is not only competitive, but also artistic and scientific. It is the crystallization of the collective wisdom of people all over the world for thousands of years, and it is the cultural heritage of all mankind. We can learn many useful ideas and profound connotations through its rules and games.


Leo Tolstoy put it more intriguingly when he said, "Playing chess in youth exercises the mind, strengthens the memory, and develops a strong will; Playing chess in middle age is a kind of pleasure and aesthetic enjoyment; In old age, playing chess is the best kind of rest." It can be seen that chess is quite beneficial to all stages of people's growth, and the benefits of young people are particularly obvious, it is internationally recognized as the best chess type to develop young children's intelligence, the famous chess player, the president of the Chinese Chess Academy Chen Zude will also compare the chess image to "enlighten the wand".

The benefits of chess for young children are first reflected in the intellectual aspect. We know that intelligence factors generally include attention, observation, imagination, memory, thinking, creativity six aspects. The chess game can make attention, observation, memory, imagination, thinking these five basic factors of intelligence in a good unity, in the combination of intelligence factors to produce creative intelligence and intelligence - that is, creativity!


The effect of chess on the growth of children's non-intellectual qualities is also extremely outstanding. Non-intellectual factors include emotions, will, interests, character, needs, motivation, goals, ambitions, beliefs, and worldviews. Chess as a science of thinking, through playing chess can make children learn the rules of life, so as to enhance the due discipline, patience, judgment. Cultivate indomitable courage, perseverance, calm, resourcefulness and other excellent will qualities. Learning chess can make restless children become quiet, make impulsive children good at thinking, develop the love of sports, and hone their personality in the process of playing chess.

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