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Which is more complicated than Chinese chess and chess?

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                                      Which is more complicated than Chinese chess and chess?

Complexity, if it refers to the number of changes that can be formed on the board, it must be more Chinese chess.

After all, there are many more points in Chinese chess than there are squares in chess. However, the astronomical number of changes is of little significance, and in the actual game, we certainly will not take the first step of the red cannon to take a step back, so the hundreds of millions of changes behind this step will not exist. I think the subject wants to know may be two kinds of chess play, according to the advanced level of human chess players, the depth of the complexity of it. I think chess is a little more. Here's why. According to the opening, the middle game and the end game, the two kinds of chess have great differences in different stages.

 Let's start with the opening phase. The most powerful force in Chinese chess is the car, in addition to the car and the queen in chess, the action ability is very strong. But in terms of  the board mechanism, there is one of the biggest differences between the two kinds of chess - Chinese chess has natural 4 vertical open lines, while chess has no natural open lines. Therefore, the opening stage of Chinese chess should go out as early as possible, and use the car to seize the open line to obtain the advantage; And chess is not good, the car out early is useless, there is no open line to use, so chess is the first to use soldiers and horses to control the center grid. Because the force in the central lattice exerts the greatest motion. So if you talk about the opening, the first 10-20 moves, it's probably a little bit more common in chess. The main reason is that the moving ability of chess is too strong, once you relax the control of the center, the threat of the other side is directly aimed at killing the king, which is equivalent to stacking the car directly into your nine-gong grid in Chinese chess. Therefore, eating is secondary in the opening of chess, and the direct or indirect control center is the core goal, which will be more complicated.


Then in the middle game, the basic arrangement of the two sides has been completed, at which time the better player has two goals - either to stalemate and look for opportunities to gain the force advantage, or to actively exchange and use the cumulative advantage to enter a dominant pawn end game. When faced with this situation, the difference between the two chess is reflected again - the importance of the car in Chinese chess is far greater than the importance of the car/queen in chess. Because even if the baryons are replaced in the chess game, the pawn promotion mechanism can still be used to obtain a huge advantage. However, Chinese chess is not easy to win if only the horse cannon in the end game because of the existence of pure defensive elements - Shi and elephant. Therefore, both sides will try to be careful when choosing to change the car in the middle game, which makes the Chinese chess round in the middle game often have to draw longer than chess. So there should be more change.

Finally, talk about the end game, the difficulty of the end game I believe that anyone who has learned chess knows. In both Chinese and international chess, the endgame is far more complicated than it seems. Situations that look like they can be won in a few steps are often traps, where one wrong move can lead to all losses. (See the Chinese chess Jianghu end game, etc., although there will not be such a situation in actual combat) The end game of chess is often the end game of the car/horse/like with an equal number of soldiers (some people think that as long as the queen can be counted as the end game), at this time, as long as the dominant party has the right idea and does not make major mistakes, the reasonable use of the skills of protecting the path of soldiers is often able to win. Because the fighting power of the king in chess is too strong, he can actively participate in the end game, which is equivalent to the fighting power of about three soldiers. But the Chinese chess situation is different, the soldier can not retreat, the defense force movement is limited and other factors are giving the chess players a problem. Therefore, the complexity of the end game is similar to that of the two kinds of chess, in short, it is difficult.


Often watch the chess game, will feel the situation "sharp down" more cases, most of them occur in the middle game. Although there were not many rounds in total, suddenly one side broke through the situation. One reason is important - the chess board is asymmetrical, divided into the king wing and the rear wing, the two sides are likely to form two wings to attack the situation, then it does not take many moves to break the deadlock. Chinese chess is a pure symmetric chess board, and can even move out of the mirror. So from the point of view of board asymmetry, it is understandable that chess changes more abruptly.

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