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Where can you find the perfect chess set?.

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Chess, known for its strategic and gameful nature, has been around for hundreds of years. Both professional players and amateurs are immersed in the charm of chess. Whether at home, or in some activities, competitions, clubs, chess board set is often seen.

There are many kinds of wood chess boards around the world. Its suppliers include Italy, India, the United Kingdom, the United States, Russia, Spain, China etc. Some of the boards are custom-made, especially for the interests of specific players, as high quality design and decorative elements show personal taste. However, due to their craftsmanship, materials, weight and size differences, each set of premium chessboards set is unique. Skilled craftsmen used the most famous techniques and materials to make a board that matched the board and the pieces.

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The kinds of chess sets

Chess boards can have a variety of designs, and special pieces and boards can be designed to meet the requirements. Colors, designs and materials can all be customized. In fact, a slightly elaborate chess board is usually suitable for collectors who choose antique or luxury chess pieces for purely decorative purposes. They are made of a variety of materials, including expensive wood, ivory, bone, stone, metal and glass, to match the hues of their living rooms. These suits are not suitable for regular competitions and are of high value. Other sets made of wood or plastic can determine the overall value of a chess set and are usually used for regular chess playing, but their value can increase if they are hand-carved or carefully designed.

There are many various materials of chess, such as walnut, rosewood, ebony, maple, boxwood, sycamore, and cedar. Ebony and rosewood are commonly used in high-grade chess set and are often the objects of luxury collectors. They are of great value in terms of quality and design because of their fine workmanship.

How to select the suitable chess set?

Sometimes, it is difficult for you to select a set of wood chess set when there are so many chess set suppliers and chessboards, especially you don’t know the supplier. Price is certainly a consideration for beginners. Some expensive chess set is meaningless for new players which are more suitable for collectors.

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In addition to price, functionality is another important consideration. This helps to use chess for international tournaments or travel, or purely as a collector's item. Chess can also be customized to suit the player's preferences, but usually at a higher level of skill.

How to find the chess game for your skills?

If you want to choose a board that meets your needs, the right size is crucial. These chess boards can be 20 x 20 inches in size, have 64 squares with black and white or brown shading, and each piece has a square base (2.25 inches) that is at least 75% wide.

XINXING SPORTS has focused on manufacturing chess sets for many years with rich experience and quality service. We accept customization from various aspects such as material, color, logo, appearances.  

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