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What thinking ability does playing Weiqi exercise?

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                                                                What thinking ability does playing Weiqi exercise?

Go is a turn-based, intellectual game.

Go has two characteristics, one is difficult to master, the other is a long game.

【 Learning ability 】

Go is difficult to learn, because the rules are extremely simple but the actual game changes a lot. There are many formulas of Weiqi, and the actual application is a different situation, so Weiqi will especially exercise people's ability to learn and use.

There is a special research method in Weiqi called double disc, and the term double disc in other industries also comes from Weiqi. Duplicating refers to the rearrangement of a chess game, generally by three main processes:

Talk about your thinking path on the other side.

Talk to the other side about how to deal with it.

Master correct, put forward can think like this.

Such a way of communication is of great help to people's growth. As time goes on, players of Go will become more and more thoughtful and think about what their opponents might do.

The so-called know oneself know the enemy, a hundred battles without danger, outside the knowledge of books, how to play their own wisdom, improvise the most suitable chess, Go learning can bring such exercise.

【 Mental adjustment ability 】

The game of Go takes a long time, and it is very pleasant to have time to seriously play a game in today's fast-paced life.

The game lasts a long time, but different stages are different experiences:

When the layout is very empty, it can be said that how to make sense, this time is free play time.

2, in the middle of the fight, very fierce, this time is both a test means, but also a test of the sense of goal, means a step can not be wrong, otherwise there is no escape, more importantly, the beginning of the goal to be clear, otherwise a fight down, the local may be cheap, the whole is finished.

3. At the end of the day, the haggle over every penny, after the battle, the brain is easy to fatigue, at this time need to adjust the mentality, steady fight.

After a game of chess accumulated, you will have a more comprehensive understanding of how to play better. The so-called victory is not arrogant and defeat is not discouraged, such a mentality, through repeated games, resumption, will become more and more stable.

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