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What's the Shut the Box Game ?

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How much do you know about shut the box dice game? Many people have been more or less exposed to simple dice games. Shut the Box is a traditional dice game. Playing the close the box game requires a lot of luck and some skills.


Origin of Shut the Box

The shut the box game comes from northern France, and there are other aliases, such as Blitz, Canoga, Klakers, Jackpot, and Batten Down the Hatches. The game is played in a variety of ways, and its variants have a history of over 1,000 years. However, the most classic version was popular in British pubs in the 1960s.


The shut the box instructions are simple and easy to learn. The game is exciting, and often makes everyone enjoy it. Since the game does not rely entirely on personal skills, everyone has the same fair chance of winning.


36-1 shut the box

Goal of Shut the Box

The shut the box game target is simple: every player tries to close the most numbers on the scorecard by rolling the dice.


Equipment needed for the game:

When learning how to play shut the box, the only necessary equipment is a pair of six-sided dice and a scoring method.


Most players use specially designed dice trays. These dice trays have a standard version with an articulated scoreboard from 1 to 9 engraved with numbers. You can also find dice trays with two or four or more sets of scoring cards, allowing players to take turns to play, and other dice trays with 12 tiles.


Whether you are using the 9-digit or 12-digit version, the gameplay and scores are the same. If there is no dedicated "close box" dice tray, you can still play the game.


Popular scoring methods include using a deck of cards or dominoes. You can even use a piece of paper and a pencil in a pinch.


Preparation Before The Game:

It's easy to set up "close the box". If you are using a dedicated dice tray with scoring tiles, just flip them all up to show all the numbers. Otherwise, please use the scoring system of your choice to help you keep track of door opening and closing numbers as you play the game.


36-2 shut the box

Shut the Box Rules

Here I will outline the basic shut the box game rules, including how to play the game, shut the box strategy and how to play popular game variants.


Shut The Box Gameplay:

In the standard shut the box game version, the active player starts the round by throwing two dice. Then, the player must choose any combination of open numbers equal to the total number of openings. For example, in the first round of a game where all numbers are turned on, a player rolls the number 7. Then the player can choose to turn off one of the following: 7, 6 + 1, 5 + 2 or 3 + 4. After that the player continues to roll the dice in the same way and close the numbers.


Many people add additional rules when playing the shut the box game, that is, when all the open numbers are equal to or less than 6, the player can choose to roll a single dice until the end of the round. Once the combination with no empty numbers equals the roll, the active player's turn is over. The sum of the unclosed numbers will be recorded at this time.


After the first player's score is recorded, the shut the box board game

device is reset, and now it's the next player's turn to start.


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