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What’s the Benefits of Playing Chess?

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Chess has been loved by people all over the world for hundreds of years. It can serve as an intellectual pastime that brings great pleasure and excitement to people of all ages. As a classic board game, it can not only provide great joy for players, but also it can offer some cognitive benefits.


Portable chess set can help brain develop and improve the mental health. Here are some benefits of chess board and pieces.


1. Improve memory

Playing chess is not so simple which is not just about pushing the pieces onto the board. The board has a lot of complicated rules that you have to remember as a player. Players are also asked to remember mistakes they've made in the past so they don't fall into the same trap again.


Good chess players will have good memories of past moves, strategies, etc. Regular players will find that their verbal communication and memory improve.

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2. Help brain grow

Chess is a kind of cerebral game. Some cerebral games can actively promote the growth of dendrites, an element that attaches to nerve cells in the brain and helps carry electrical signals from brain neurons. If you have more of these dendrites, the brain becomes faster and more efficient.


When you are playing chess and consider the next step, your dendrites will be promoted and your brain will grow continuously. There's a good analogy to use to think about the brain, like a muscle. The more you use it, the more powerful and efficient its work will become.


3. Exercise whole brain

In chess, the pieces move around the board, and when this happens, it requires the brain to recognize different types of geometric shapes. When you are playing chess, both the left and right brain will work which can help you exercise your brain.


4. Improve IQ

Many people believe that quality chess set can make the player become smarter and improve the IQ. Actually, there are a number of academic studies that show that your IQ can be improved. Regular chess exercise can help your brain work, even help improve your IQ.


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5. Improve creativity

Chess games involve both sides of the brain, which means creativity or the right side is also stimulated, then improving creativity. Even a simple wood chessboard and a set of pieces can have a profound impact on your mental health, as its cathartic effects will make you feel balanced and in good spirits.


There is no doubt that chess is a wonderful game. It has been popular for many centuries. In addition to being fun, the impact of the game goes far beyond just being a board game. We've found that it helps you think faster, more easily, and smarter. Playing unique chess set has so many benefits which attract a lot of people around the world. If you want to train your brain, international chess set is a good choice for you.


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