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What is the appeal of darts?

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There are many hidden attractions of this sport:

First, it has a long history

Darts has a long history. It originated in England in the 15th century.

It is recorded that the soldiers of the Roman Legionaries were sent to the remote island of Britain by the Roman emperor, and the rainy English climate did not allow them to spend long periods of time outdoors. So, in the board shed, they threw arrows at the target made of oak tree cross-section, which gradually developed into the modern darts.

Alternatively, the sport of darts evolved from a 10-inch throwing weapon used by archers in England in close combat.

The third argument concerns specific historical figures. King Henry VII of England was weak, considering that hunting was dangerous and hard, he decided not to hunt any more, and made a short-handle dart gun to throw at the cross section of the oak tree to achieve the purpose of fitness. Soon, the palace ministers also loved this sport, and gradually spread to the people.

Second, there are different kinds of equipment

Dart targets are divided into hard dart targets and soft dart targets, which are suitable for steel dart heads and plastic dart heads respectively. Most of the darts in the regular competition are made of hemp fiber. The high-grade hemp darts produced in the United Kingdom are made of sisal from Kenya in Africa, and the materials of the darts produced in China are mostly Joan hemp from Hainan Island. To make a linen dart, more than 10 tons of pressure is used to extrude the fibers into shape, and then the outer ring is held in place with iron hoops. A good hemp dart plate has moderate hardness, and after pulling out the dart from the plate, the dart hole will automatically close, and the service life is much higher than that of the dart plate made of other materials.

In recent years, the rise of electronic darts has become a social game for people in bars, and its competitive drinking has rapidly risen in major cities, so electronic targets have gradually become the mainstream, and there have been many players, electronic targets are more variable, combined with electronic games, making their gameplay and competition higher.

The hard standard dart board is divided into 20 scoring areas, ranging from 1 to 20 points. The narrow ring area of the outer ring is 2 times the area, the narrow ring area of the middle is 3 times the area, and the score of the disk is 2 times and 3 times. The central red heart is 50 points, and the narrow green ring area outside it is 25 points. The main difference between soft target and hard target is that the center area is 50 points, and the center area, 2 times area and 3 times area of soft target are wider than the hard target, about 30% more, so the soft target is more suitable for beginners to play, and the hard target is more for competition practice.

The dartboard should be hung on the wall, the center of the red heart should be 1.73 meters above the ground, and the dark 20 zone should be located above. The throwing line is 2.37 meters from the dartboard plane [2]. The soft target has the same regular height and a distance of 244 cm.

A dart consists of four parts: the tip, the body, the rod and the tail, of which the most important part is the body, which is the most critical factor in determining the weight, texture and shape of the dart. In international competitions, the overall length of the darts must not exceed 30.5 cm, the weight of the hard darts must not exceed 50 grams, and the weight of the soft darts must not exceed 25 grams.

Darts can be divided into the following three categories according to the shape of the darts:

Straight barrel type: The weight is evenly distributed on the darts, and more players are currently using this type of darts.
Wine barrel type: The weight is concentrated in the central part of the dart, which is more in line with the physiological structure of the hand.
Torpedo type: The weight is concentrated in the front half of the dart body, and the throwing feel is good.

The material of the dart body is plastic, brass, nickel alloy, tungsten alloy, etc., of which tungsten alloy darts are made of tungsten nickel alloy, high specific gravity, good aerodynamic effect, and durable. The same weight of the darts, tungsten alloy darts volume will be much smaller than other materials of the darts, throwing stability is high, so the vast majority of players use tungsten alloy darts.

Third, diversity of competition methods

Rule 501

Rule 501 is now the most common rule in darts competitions and is also the rule of the Darts World Championships. Each player starts with 501 points, the player's points decrease with the throw score, the player who reduces the points to 0 first wins, if no player reduces the points to 0 after 15 rounds of throwing is completed, the player with the lowest points wins. If a player throws a dart, the score is reduced to a score that cannot end the game (normal score < 0; Double out integral ≤1; Triple out points ≤2 or under double/triple out conditions, throwing in the non-double/triple area will reduce the points to 0), called "explosion dart", after the explosion dart, cancel the round score, and end the current round of throwing, turn to the next player to throw darts.

Rule 301

Rule 301 is similar to Rule 501. Each player starts with 301 points, the player's points decrease with the throw score, the player who first reduces the score to 0 wins, if no player reduces the score to 0 after ten rounds of throwing is completed, the player with the lowest score wins. If a player throws a dart, the score is reduced to a score that cannot end the game (normal score < 0; Double zone integral ≤1; Triple zone score ≤2 or under the condition of double zone/triple zone, the score of non-double zone/triple zone is reduced to 0) is "explosion dart", after the explosion dart, the round score is cancelled, and the current round of throwing is ended, and it is the next player's turn to throw darts.


CRICKET is a common competition game for soft targets, only shooting 15,16,17,18,19,20, hearts, black heart area can score, scoring conditions are priority shooting three times the scoring area (three times is three times, twice is two times, black heart is twice the heart), after shooting three times the term is called "open the door", Shots to that scoring area are then scored normally. Only when the opponent also "opens" the same scoring area, then both sides can no longer score in this scoring area, the game terminology is called "closing", the game is played at the end of the game round (generally 15 rounds), the statistics of the two sides with the highest score wins. Or determine that it is no longer possible for the other team to win (one team has a higher score and has opened all the scoring areas)
Special rules:
overkill: When one team has scored more than 200 points than the other team, no points are awarded even if the goal is scored in the scoreable area.
More than 2 players: If the game has more than two players, the scoring method is scored by the original shot, and the high score wins. Conversion points are awarded to all other opponents, and low points win. Under the multi-player rule, all players must "open" the area successfully, but as long as the player has "opened" the scoring area, the player will not be awarded points for other players shooting in the area. The rule of overkill starts when the lowest score is more than 200 points ahead of the next lowest score.

(GAME 21)

Each round of throwing machine randomly specified score zone. The player who hits a single, double or triple zone of the specified scoring zone scores 1, 2 or 3 points, and the player who scores exactly 21 points wins. If seven throws are completed and no player reaches 21 points, the person with the highest score wins. If a player throws in a score zone to make more than 21 points, it is called "explosion dart", after the explosion dart is generated, the round of scoring is canceled, and the current round of throwing of this player is ended, and it is the next player to throw darts.

Fourth, darts are unpredictable

Everyone has their own hobbies, but from a technical point of view, the brush grip is the best stability. Throwing skills include posture, balance, holding and release of darts, arm and wrist movements, number matching and concentration, if you can heart, eye, hand and brain integration is the highest level.

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