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What is croquet?

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Croquet is an outdoor ball game in which a croquet mallet is used to hit the ball through the hoop gate on flat ground or lawn. 


The development of croquet

Croquet originated in France. Someone played this game in England in the 13th century, and it spread to Scotland and Italy in the 17th century. In 1861, after the British E. Lauterridge compiled the rules of croquet set for the first time, the game was widely developed in Britain. At the same time spread to the United States, the "England Croquet Club" and the "National Croquet Association" were established in 1870 and 1882. In the 1930s and 1940s, the game of croquet spread to China. At that time, Yenching University used the game as a physical education content.


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The background of croquet

Many elderly people once complained about the unfairness of this society, because clothing and other consumer goods, luxury goods, to various health and fitness activities, are designed for young people, and even children. Few people consider the needs of the elderly.


In fact, this is also true, especially in sports. From fierce track and field games to ball games, there are almost no activities that the elderly or the weaker people can participate in. However, since the introduction of croquet sport, the situation has changed. The elderly can bring simple croquet equipment with their friends and play it for an afternoon, which can exercise their limbs and connect with their friendship.


The role of croquet

Exercise good health

The basic activities of playing croquet are aiming, hitting, picking up and getting into place. Accompanied by brisk walking or jogging in activities, the whole body's motor organs, especially hands, arms, waist, legs, feet, as well as vision, hearing, internal organs and nervous system can be exercised.


Exercise thinking ability

The use of techniques, tactics and overall coordination in garden croquet activities, as well as the location of the croquet ball, all require the use of brain power, so that brain exercises day after day will enhance the vitality of brain cells and exercise thinking and memory. Playing croquet can be said to be a sport that uses both body and brain, and the organic combination of body and brain exercise is more beneficial to the health and longevity of the elderly.


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Strengthen mental health

The sport croquet is a combination of sports and entertainment. It is not only good for physical health, but also can please the emotions of the participants. Croquet ball set can help to forget all the worries in life. The loneliness and sense of loss of the elderly have disappeared. At the same time, it also increases the communication and friendship between friends, which plays an important role in the mental health of the elderly.


Enjoy the outdoor scenery

Croquet is an outdoor sport, and because of its small amount of activity, it can continue to be active for several hours, and it can be fully sunbathing and air bathing. Frequent sunbathing and air bathing have the effect of strengthening physical fitness and preventing and curing diseases.


If you are interested in croquet, welcome to follow us. Next article will introduce how to play croquet.

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