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What is Kubb Game?

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Kubb game is a game popular with lawns in which the object is to knock down a block of wood by throwing a stick at it. Kubb game as a classic garden game can be said that it blends the features of bowling and horseshoe. The game is played on a small rectangular lawn playing field called “Pitch”. The "Kubbs" need to be placed at both ends of the pitch, while the "king" (a larger block) needs to be placed in the middle of the pitch which is the lawn field. Although the rules of the game vary from country to country and region to region, the ultimate goal of the game does not change. The goal is to knock down the "Kubb" of the opposing side of the lawn and then knock down the "King" before the opponent to win.


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Games can last from five minutes to more than an hour. The game can be played on a variety of ground surfaces such as grass, sand, concrete, snow and even ice, so it's very widespread and very popular. Sometimes people will called it “Viking Outdoor Games”. Because this fun wooden Kubb game is often thought to date back to the Viking era and has survived on the Swedish island of Godland ever since, although there is no evidence for it now. But some people agree this opinion.


Kubb game set

Normally, there are 25 games parts in the whole Kubb wooden game set.


Firstly, ten Kubbs, with 10-15cm height, 5-7cm square bottom.

Secondly, one king, a larger block of wood, 25-30 cm high, 7-9 cm square at the end, and sometimes decorated with a crown design at the top.

Fourthly, six round batons, 25-30 cm long and 2.5–4.4 cm in diameter.

Fifthly, six field marking pins, four for specifying pitch angles and two for marking the centerline.





According to the US Champion Rules and the World Champion Rules, Kubb viking game set plays at a rectangular pitch of 5 m x 8 m. A rectangle is formed by placing the sticks, and the center stick is placed in the middle gap on the long side of the rectangle, thus dividing the field into two halves. Although markings that do not interfere with gameplay (such as chalk lines) are allowed, there is little need for other markings to demarcate the boundaries of the field. The player is required to place the king vertically in the center of the pitch and put the five kubbs on the baseline (the short side of the rectangle) with same spacing. Wooden Kubbs that start the game from the baseline are called base Kubbs. The baseline should pass through the center of the ball. For younger children, you can shorten the pitch by eight meters which is more convenient for kids.


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