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What are the rules of washer toss?

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Washer toss is an interesting lawn game, players are currently increasing rapidly. In terms of scoring and gameplay, the washer board game is very similar to the washer horseshoes or cornhole game in many aspects. Setting up a washer toss is very easy, and the rules are very simple. This is a very convenient activity and it is easy to carry around. The popularity of the game is constantly improving. There are different versions of the washer toss. The following I introduce to you is the game of single hole washer boards.


Structure of washer toss

The washer toss game is in a cube-shaped box closed with a latch. When you open the latch of the washer pitching boxes, you will find that the top and bottom are separated, and part of the PVC pipe is installed in the center of them. And there is a set of 8 washers, 4 of each color.


75 washer toss boxes (1)

The top and bottom should look exactly the same on the inside. There should be a "carpet" type material around the bottom of each piece of PVC pipe. The hole made of PVC pipe is the focus of our game. When we play, we throw two sets of 4 pitching washers toward the hole. Set the distance between the top and bottom of the box is 21 feet. The pieces should be aligned, which is very similar to a corner hole board in a game. Some throwers come with a rope that allows you to easily and accurately set the game distance.


Rules of washer toss game

When playing the washer board game, the player will stand directly next to the washer toss boxes. Note that the feet should be aligned with the cup in the box. In order to determine the order of pitching, a diddle game will be started first. The two players will line up and drop a washer in the opposite box. The person near the box will be the first to play.


75 washer toss boxes (2)

To start the washers game, the player will throw away all four washers back to back. As long as any gasket that falls in the hole, you can get 3 points, while the gasket that falls on the bottom of the box can only get 1 point. If the washer you throw happens to fall on top of the inner edge of the box, then you will automatically win the game.


After playing washers game and throwing all the washers, another player will continue to throw his 4 washers. Only one player can score per round. For example, if one player scores 5 points and the other scores 4 points, then the first player can only get 1 point. The person with the highest score in the end will get the game based on the difference in score. To win the game, the player or team must first score 21 points. However, due to the influence of the rules, the second player or team's roll can still try to eliminate the opponent's score. If the score reaches 11-0, the player with 11 will automatically win. But this option is not a mandatory rule of the game. You can confirm whether to add it based on the fun of the game.


In fact, there are many different changes in the gameplay of the washer game set. Some locations have their own set of gameplay and rules. Follow us to learn more.

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