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What are the rules of bowling?

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Bowling is a very popular sport abroad. It is also called bocce abroad because bowling needs to roll on the ground. If you want to set bowling, you should understand the rules of bowling. So what are the rules of bowling?


The rules of the bowling game

1. Bowling is based on rounds, and the number of bowling pins knocked down is used to determine the outcome. A game is divided into 10 rounds, and each round has two pitching opportunities. If in one round, all 10 bottles of the first pitch are knocked down, you can't pitch the second time. Only the 10th round is different. If the first shot is all in, the last shot must be completed to end the game. It is worth emphasizing that if ten pin bowling set up are not knocked down by two pitches, the third chance will be automatically cancelled.


67 bowling pin set (1)

2. The game is decided by drawing lots. Each game is played on a pair of adjacent fairways, and the fairways are exchanged in each round until the end of the whole game. In the second game, the fairways need to be swapped. The odd-numbered players move to the left and the even-numbered players move to the right. Sometimes, you can move to the right uniformly, so that every player can meet with equal chances. The pitching sequence is based on the drawn A, B, and C sequence.


3. In a bowling set game, the ranking is determined by the total points of the 6 games.



The precautions of the bowling game

1. When playing plastic bowling, be sure to put on special shoes for bowling. Try not to make loud noises to affect the pitching of the people in the fairway.


2. Try to be courteous to the people on the adjacent fairways, wait for the opponent to complete the pitching action, and then start the bowling set action. Whether it is preparing, pitching or completing the action, do not stay on the fairway for too long time, otherwise it will cause the next player to wait.


3. Usually let the right fairway throw the plastic bowling pins first, do not throw the ball on both sides of the fairway at the same time.


67 bowling pin set (2)

4. Try not to use violence to throw the bowling pin set, otherwise the ball will fall from the air on the fairway and cause damage to the fairway.


5. There are usually three steps to assist walking, four steps to assist walking, and five steps to assist walking. For large paces, you can use fewer steps, but you also need match your physical coordination and flexibility.


6. The person who takes the big bowling set with the right hand should place the right foot behind the left foot when the ball is finally sent out, and vice versa with the left hand.


The next article will introduce how to choose the set of bowling balls that suits you, if you are interested, follow us to learn more.


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