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What are the health benefits of Frisbee?

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Frisbee was invented in the United States in 1948, popular in Europe and the United States in the 1970s, Japan was the first country in Asia to promote it, and Taiwan was the first to introduce it. From 1994 to 2000, Taiwan Province defeated Japan four times and retained the title of World champion of Courage.


There are more than ten international competitions, the most popular events are: Ultimate(or Ultimate Frisbee), Disc Golf, Freestyle and Guts.

International organizations include WFDF and WDSF(IY-DSF), WFDF has been officially recognized by the IOC(International Olympic Committee) in 2013 as one of the international sports federation of Frisbee sports: It is expected that in the near future, the Frisbee project can also be included; Olympic Games. Youth Olympic Games. Official events in Universiade and other competitions.

Frisbee is a sport in which a disc-shaped instrument is thrown. It first appeared in the United States in the 1960s. Now popular all over the world. The disc is round, the diameter is from 22.2px to 687.5px, and the thickness of the edge is from 8.75px to 50px. Use your fingers and wrists to make it rotate and fly in the air. There are ten main methods of competition, such as: Long throw, target throw, free style (throwing and catching to the sound of music, with gymnastics and dance moves), team Frisbee (similar to American football, each team is selected according to the size of the field, 5 to 7 players), double Frisbee (similar to tennis using two frisbees at the same time), and Frisbee throwing, the United States has held an annual Frisbee championship since 1973.

So, what exactly are the benefits?


First, exercise

Frisbee throwing is a great whole body exercise. First, playing Frisbee requires players to use their arm and shoulder strength to throw the disc. It also exercises wrist and finger flexibility. Secondly, this sport also requires the player's accurate movement coordination and balance, which is very beneficial to improve the body's coordination and reaction ability. In addition, playing Frisbee can also enhance the heart and lung function, because athletes need to quickly across the field, chase the frisbee, and compete with the goal of scoring.

Second, improve communication and cooperation capabilities


Playing Frisbee is a team game. Whether it is a game or a leisure activity, it requires interaction and cooperation between players. For example, in a team game, players need to play well with their teammates, coordinate attack and defense and pass the ball to win the game. Such a job requires players to not only have a certain amount of communication skills, but also patience and trust, which enhances interpersonal skills and social skills

3. Reduce stress

Playing Frisbee can help people relax and reduce stress. From the aspect of stress, this sport can help people reduce the tension in work, study or life, because it is a recreational activity. In high-stress living and working environments, playing Frisbee can help people adjust their physical and mental state, increase the time for leisure and entertainment, and make people feel relaxed and happy.

4. Improve your concentration

Frisbee throwing requires a high degree of concentration. Players need to concentrate, accurately throw the Frisbee to the predetermined target point, and adapt to the speed of the Frisbee, curve and other changes. This high-intensity exercise can be a great help in improving focus and concentration.

Playing Frisbee can also improve people's reaction speed and judgment, thus strengthening people's ability to deal with things in work and life. All in all, Frisbee is great for both the body and the mind, and from exercising the body, improving collaboration and social skills, to reducing stress and improving focus, the sport is full of meaning and benefits.

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