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:What are the bowling ball specifications?

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Bowling is an indoor sport that rolls the ball on the boardwalk and hits the plastic bowling pins. Bowling is entertaining, interesting, and skillful. What's more, bowling set can exercise our body and willpower very well. When choosing bowling balls, do you know what size bowling balls are available?

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Bowling ball weight and specifications

The weight of the ball should be judged based on personal experience and the ability to load. If you use a ball that is too heavy, it is easy to cause sports injuries, or affect the ball control and cause the score to drop. Ten-pin bowling is the most popular bowling ball by far, but there are also other bowling set up styles, which have their own balls of different sizes. Today we mainly introduce the specifications of ten pin bowling set. Ten-pin bowling is regulated by the US USBC and international bowling. The USBC specification requires that the ten-pin ball weighs less than 16 pounds and has a diameter of 8.500 to 8.595 inches, which is 21.59 to 21.83 cm.

The structure of the bowling ball

Bowling ball sets are divided into two types: public balls and special balls. The structure of the public ball is relatively simple, and a round inner core is wrapped with a layer of outer shell, so the performance of the public ball is poor. The structure of the special ball is more complicated, it consists of three parts: the inner core, the weight fortress and the outer shell.

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The core is a filling material such as plastic or other ceramics to ensure the standard weight. The weight body is a composite body of heavy plastic particles. It has shapes such as fortresses, cubes, bulbs, and mushrooms. This special shape is to ensure that the ball has a weight compensation after drilling, resulting in an unbalanced weight. The outer shell usually uses viscose or resin as the raw material, which is commonly referred to as artificial rubber and polyester. In recent years, the special ball uses active resin as the shell. By combining the above three parts with high-precision processing technology, a smooth surface, hardness and standard weight bowling ball is formed. Because the performance of various balls is different, the shell and weight also have different sizes. The surface of the ball is polished into various roughnesses, which are commonly referred to as smooth and frosted surfaces. The hardness of the set bowling ball is divided into three types: soft, medium and hard. According to the regulations of the International Association of Guarantees: 72-76 degrees are soft balls, 77-85 degrees are neutral balls, 86-90 degrees are hard balls, and above 90 degrees are extremely hard balls. There is a dedicated hardness tester to measure the hardness of the plastic bowling ball set. It is mostly used in official games. If the plastic bowling ball is too soft, it will be cancelled.

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