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What are the benefits of Go for children's development?

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                                               What are the benefits of Go for children's development?

The rules of Go are very simple, everyone who knows Go knows that the summary of Go is like a world war, the battlefield information of both sides is completely transparent, and there are only three rules, which spell the intelligence and wisdom of both sides. Children should not be eager to succeed in playing Weiqi, but should pay more attention to the cultivation of connotation.                                                                        02 

1. Develop intelligence.

Weiqi is an intellectual sport, and every move must go through a lot of calculation and judgment before it can be settled. Once the "random chess" is played without thinking, the balance of victory and defeat will tilt. As the saying goes, "One wrong move, the whole game will lose." Playing Weiqi can effectively help children develop a good habit of loving the brain and thinking frequently.

2. Cultivate sentiment.

Weiqi is an elegant sport. The profound philosophical theory and the unique cultural connotation of Weiqi will unconsciously affect children's outlook on life and world outlook. At the same time, the child's every move in chess affects the opponent's cognition of his character. Playing Weiqi can help children establish a noble moral character.

3. Help children concentrate.

The board of Go is always full of intense battles, and there can be no distraction and relaxation of attention at any time. Every move of the opponent must be carefully evaluated and judged before a correct response can be made. Playing Go is a great aid to children's concentration.

4. Cultivate children's ability to think independently and solve problems independently.

In the face of a strong opponent, every chess game has the potential to face a difficult situation. The child must learn to ask questions independently without any support, and then resolve disputes on the board independently. Playing Weiqi can effectively cultivate children's ability to think and solve problems independently.

5. Cultivate children's creativity.

The so-called "beginning with perfect and ending with strange victory", that is, the situation is formed by conventional means at the beginning, and the other side will eventually use unexpected methods to win. Merely following the opponent mediocre will not win, so on the board must be innovative, make a very difficult move to win and earn the respect of the opponent.

6. Cultivate children's positive spirit of never giving up.

Weiqi is different from other chess games in that it has more wins and fewer draws. Therefore, every chess must move forward courageously towards victory, there can be no negative and conservative, and once the good situation is reversed by the opponent, it will face defeat. You can't give up until the last minute.

7. Frustration education for children.

In the world of victory and defeat on the chessboard, let the child gain happiness in victory and taste pain in failure. Children play go a failure is a setback, can withstand setbacks, to become a master.

8. A lifelong hobby.

People's life if there is no hobby can imagine how terrible. The ever-changing game of Go and the unique charm of the world of winning and losing not only make people love it for a lifetime, but also make people learn the mind and lessons will have a positive and subtle impact on the life of the lovers.

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