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:What are the Dos and Don'ts of Bean Bags?

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Wear-and-tear is a frequent problem when playing cornhole games. Most people don't take special care of their cornhole game accessories until they take them out and notice that they have been damaged. As the owner of a bean bag game board, you should increase their lifespan by taking care of them, rather than looking for new cornhole bags to replace the old ones.

Keeping bags dry

Beanbags must be kept dry and away from moisture at all times. A damp cornhole throw bag can lead to disaster, this is because moisture can quickly soak into your bag. When moisture soaks into corn boards it promotes the growth of mould and causes the corn to rot. After rotting the bag is useless as it becomes very weak and can no longer be used for play.

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You must ensure that you store your cornhole game accessories in a dry place, this is important as cornhole toss bags are an important accessory in the game of cornhole. Any moisture could completely destroy your bag as well as the materials inside. By making sure that the filling material is completely dry at all times will extend the life and usability of your bean bag game bag.

Keep your bag indoors

One of the most important steps in extending the life of your custom cornhole board is storage. Storing your game boards properly will ensure you have the right beanbag board material for future games. When you are not using your corn hole play bags, keeping them indoors is a good way to maintain them. This is because bags filled with corn may attract squirrels that come looking for food when left outside. Rodents will rip open the bags to get at the corn inside and may end up destroying the bags. Your bean bag throwing board needs a good storage environment.

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Choosing the right place to play

You should always mind where you play your corn hole game as areas with lots of rocks or concrete can cause the game board to tear. Although most corn hole bags have been manufactured using quality materials that can withstand rough surfaces. However, this situation is ideal. You can easily avoid damage to your own bean bag game board by playing in carpeted areas or on grass.

Be careful about lending

There is nothing wrong with allowing your family or friends to borrow your bean bag play equipment. However, some people may be particularly rude to your belongings. In addition, not everyone will take better care of your stuff than you will yourself. So, you should choose someone you trust to ensure that the person you lend your cornhole play equipment to will take good care of it.

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