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What are some classic chess books?

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                                                                   What are some classic chess books?

"Tactical combination skills" (The art of combination), also known as "horse head book", will be a variety of tactical means, from simple to deep let the reader practice, is a learning tactical combination of the best primer! There is no need to introduce more here, because chess players who want to learn tactics must buy, enhance the tactical sense of smell ~

The book "Chess Form Judgment" combines tactics and theory to help you familiarize yourself with the basic theory of chess; "Chess Attacking King Skills" tactical class of the peak work, you must have elo1800 or more, in order to read this book, it is a variety of possible tactical situations, divided into categories of the introduction, there are 232 topics for you to practice after class, it is recommended that readers first have a considerable degree of basic tactics to master, then study this book;

How to Learn to Play a Chess end Game The end game is the foundation of everything, and this book discusses the end game in great depth, but also incorporates a variety of tactical methods;

"Chess romantic game 400" This is a game to the opening classification of the game, there are a lot of world champions of the short and concise game, mainly based on tactical combination as the eye point, so the game is mostly in 30 hands within the end, the advantage of this book is that you can know many GM and world champions of the game, but also cultivate your tactical vision;

"Chess intermediate training textbooks - How to become a Grandmaster" Kotov's masterpiece, from the classified explanation of tactics to how to calculate variations, there are very detailed discussions, some of the examples given are rare and wonderful games, of course, this book is slightly more difficult, not suitable for beginners;

The author of "Elementary chess Tutorial" is Lin Feng, a series of three books divided into the beginning, middle and advanced, including basic concepts, and the end game is introduced in detail. In addition, the author also mentioned the history of chess in the book, the development of schools, but the words are really a lot;

"My System" (My System) The famous chess player and theorist Nimzovitch's masterpiece, although it is a book a year ago, but enduring is said to be the most master & super must-read books, from beginners to masters can learn from it.

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