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What are Scoring Methods of Darts?

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Most of us played ordinary dart game in our childhood, and it is an interesting game for children. For adult, perhaps most people have only played it in bars. Some people think it is a simple game, and playing dart game is also simple. In fact, the control feel of the game is quite special. You need to have a good sense to throw it to the paper dart board. Usually it is difficult for people who never practice to throw darts accurately since it needs a patient familiarization process. If you watched an international dart tournament, you will find that a special part of the dart game requires you to make quick verbal calculations. Because there are many areas on the target, the highest score is not the central part in the dart board games. Then what are scoring methods of darts? And how to get more score? Today, we will tell you some scoring methods of darts.


The scoring methods


We know that usually there are kids dart board and professional dart board, and dartboard for kids is simple comparatively. The 20 fan-shaped areas radiating from the center represent the divisions of 1-20 scores. On this basis, you should pay attention to the outermost and middle two red and green rings on the target. Where the outer ring overlaps with the zone, the zone score will be doubled, and the inner ring counts three times. The red heart which is also known as the big red heart counts 50 points, and the green circle around the red heart that is called the little red heart or green heart usually counts 25 points.


41-Dart game

How to get more score?


The target in the picture is a traditional dart target, which is also called a hard dart in China. In this article, we will discuss hard darts. Generally speaking, there is only one way to play hard darts, and it is the 501 game we often heard. The two sides of the game started at 501 degrees, and the total points scored by the three darts in each round decreased. The first to be reduced to 0 wins. The only rule is that the dart at the end of the game must hit the double zone. Of course, big red heart is also counted as double zone.


41-kids dart board

For example, the player has 60 points left, and his first two darts hit the 20-point single zone totaling 40 points, so he has 20 points left. At this time, he needs to get the 10-point double zone to win the game instead of playing the 20-point single zone again. This is called a dart.


For beginners, you must have a concept in mind if you want get high darts score. As you approach the collection of darts, at least before you stand on the line, you have to roughly calculate how you are going to play this round. If you don't get the points you want, you should clearly know how to choose can make the next round easier. This is the tips of playing darts. 

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