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What Is the Way to Play with Stacked Blocks?

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Building blocks are classic toys in the world. Almost every child has played and owns his own building blocks. The block wood puzzle helps to develop intelligence and train children's hand-eye coordination. The arrangement, joint, ring, and symmetry of the building blocks are beneficial to children's intelligence. When building blocks, issues such as proportions and symmetry will be involved, which is very conducive to the enlightenment and cultivation of mathematical concepts. Building blocks are also conducive to children's imagination. The comprehensive use of different types of building blocks to build real objects is conducive to the cultivation of imagination and creativity.


The gameplay of classic building block games is mainly wooden stacking game, wooden block tower game, rainbow tumbling tower, wooden domino set and so on. This article mainly introduces the first gameplay.


87-1-toppling tower game

The components of stacked building blocks mainly include multiple plain jenga blocks and loading pallets.


The rule of toppling tower game is to first stack the blocks to a certain height according to the rules, and then unload one block from the tower at a time and stack it on top. The player who does not let the tower collapse will win the game.


First, we need to put the building blocks used for stacking on a flat table top, and then take the three building blocks side by side as a layer, and then build the 18th floor. In the process, loading pallets can help you place three wooden blocks perpendicular to each other to build a tower. After building the wooden tower blocks, unload the loading pallets to make the tower stand independently.


We keep the blocks vertical and flat, and then see if the blocks are strong enough, we can use our hands to make the corners of the blocks flat.


Then we have to have at least two people when we play, because the frequency of two people will be higher for each person's turn.


Then we can use rock, paper, scissors to extract the blocks, and the top of the blocks cannot be moved. One of them chooses one of the blocks and carefully pulls it out and piles it on top. This is one of the ways to play.


As the weight of the tower changes, some blocks become loose and easy to remove. At this point, you can pull out this loose piece of wood. If you move the block to an inappropriate position, it is best to fix it with one hand before touching the other block.

87-2-stacked building blocks


Players each have 10 seconds to think about how to extract wooden blocks from the tower. Players take turns to unload and stack bricks until someone overturns the tower. It is understood that professionals can build towers with 36 stories or more.


The victorious player will get the initiative to build a wooden tower game in the next game. After the game is over, place the loading tray and tower carefully in the box.


The timber tower game can exercise the dexterity of the hands very well, especially some complex and difficult building block patterns, so as to better exercise the coordination ability of the hands.

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