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What Is the History of Building Block Games?

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Puzzle wooden blocks are a kind of toy that is very popular among children. It has the characteristics of high openness and low structure. Building block games can not only promote the development of young childrens hand-eye coordination and the athletic ability of small muscle groups. At the same time, it also helps the development of children's cognitive ability and experience certain emotions and feelings. It can be said that building block games can play a positive role in promoting the development of children in all aspects of the body and mind. The building block game was launched in 1983 and has been developed into various categories, such as tetris wood block puzzle, wooden stacking game, dominoes wooden blocks and so on.


How did the building block game develop? The building block game was launched in 1983 and has quickly become a favorite all over the world. Although the game is simple, it is fun to play. Playing building block games requires communication skills and good decision-making skills. Block games are suitable for playing at parties. Block games are also widely used in early childhood education.

88-1-wooden stacking game


How Do You Play the Blocks?


The building block game contains 53 wooden blocks. The length of each block is three times its width. When starting the game, stack jenga wooden blocks into the tower.


The rule of the wood block stacking game is to allow the player to remove an obstacle from the tower and then place it on the highest level without causing the tower to fall. Later, as the game progresses, it becomes very difficult.


One of the advantages of the game is that it can be played by players of any age. Generally, the youngest player must be 6 years old or older.


The Origin of the Game


Leslie Jones invented the building block game. At first, she used the wooden blocks of her five-year-old brother. Jones believes that the building blocks meet all our basic requirements for the game. Because building block games require specific skills, interact with other players, and play in a limited time.

Jones created a company focused solely on bringing games to market. In 1983, she launched this game at the London Toy Fair.


88-2-dominoes wooden blocks

A book about building blocks written by Jones has sold more than 50 million copies. There are many special edition games worth collecting.


Nowadays, Jenga has become a global phenomenon.


In family gatherings, you can rent giant building block games. The height of the giant wooden tower exceeds 3 feet. This attracts people of all ages to participate in the game.


All in all, the timber tower wood block stacking game is not just a one-person game. It can be played with many people, which not only improves the fun of piling up wood, but also improves people's communication skills. The process of stacking wood is a process of restoring life scenes, which is inseparable from careful observation of life scenes, so often playing with blocks can cultivate the ability to observe.


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