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What Is Mikado Game?

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Mikado sticks game is a game suitable for children and adults to play. To a certain extent, it is similiar to pick up sticks game. The number of players in the game is 2 or more. The game tool is composed of 31 bamboo sticks of different colors.


The game sticks are made of various materials, the most common ones are plastic pick up sticks, wooden pick up sticks, magnetic pick up sticks and pick up sticks with marbles.


The specific composition is as follows: 1 mikado stick with a spiral, each with 20 points; 5 game sticks with red in the middle and blue on both sides, each with 10 points; 5 game sticks with three sections, red and two blue, each with 5 points; 10 game sticks in red, yellow and blue, 3 points each; 10 game sticks in red and blue, 2 points each.


30-1-pick up sticks game

Rules of Mikado's Game


The mikado board game has its own game rules and corresponding mikado game points rules.


A participant holds the wooden mikado sticks in his hands, makes a fist, and then suddenly lets go after lying flat on the table. The game sticks will be scattered on the table and piled in a circle. If you are not satisfied with the shape of the circle, you can throw it again. Then, the participants try to lift the joysticks one by one with their fingers, but at the same time you must not touch other joysticks. Once the Mikado stick is lifted, participants can use this stick to lift other colored sticks. If you accidentally touch other joysticks during the game, then you add up the points of the joysticks you have extracted, and then another participant starts his game process.

 30-2- plastic pick up sticks

The rules of the game for picking sticks are the same as above. The player grabs all the original pick up sticks in their hands, vertically on the table, and let go. After the sticks are scattered, the pick sticks are picked up and retracted one by one, but the other sticks cannot be moved or touched. If the player loses his hand, it will be picked up by another player. The person who gets the most sticks will collect the highest scores and win the final victory.


The advantages of this game can exercise the player's attention, observation, judgment, calculation and analysis skills, and increase hand-eye coordination and finger flexibility.


The disadvantage of this game method is that it is difficult to decide the winner if both sides have good skills. The modern version of the bamboo stick game stick has two different single player modes, and can be played by two to four players in multiplayer mode. And if no one has a matchstick that can draw lots to determine losers, then picking the bamboo sticks can also be done with the help of drinking games to determine the losers.


Nowadays, this kind of stick game has been adapted to many places after a variety of improvements, such as suitable for bars, and entertainment during parties.

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