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What Is Four in a Row?.

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Four in a Row, or commonly know by the popular version name Connect Four, is a game with a mysterious origin as precursor existed that date back to the beginning of 20th century. The earliest claimed ancestry is a legend surrounding early explorer Captain Cook. It is stated that Captain Cook spent much time stuck in his cabin playing the original connect 4 against his fellow traveller naturalist Joseph Banks and botanist Daniel Solander on his voyages that it become known as the Captain's Mistress.

Actually,connect 4 game is played by two people, in which they choose a color and then take turns to drop those colored discs into suspended grid. If one of each side forms a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line of four of one's own discs, then the side wins the game. The objective of playing connect 4 is to connect four of checkers in a row while preventing the opponent from doing the same.

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As time goes by, various rules have come into being. For example, “Pop Out”is one of the most popular four in a row rules. It starts with an empty board and players take their turns to place their own colored discs. During this process, the player has the choice, either to add another disc from the top or to remove a disc of his or her own from the bottom if there is any disc of his or her color. Therefore, the rest discs above the bottom will drop to fill the empty space, influencing the possibility for a connection. Until one player connects four of discs horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, the game is over.

Another connect four rule is “Power Up”. In this rule, players use one or more specially marked "Power Checkers" game pieces. And players can choose to play one piece once per game. When a piece marked with an anvil icon appear, all pieces below it should be popped out and then the piece is at the bottom row. Other marked connect 4 pieces such as one with a wall icon, a player with which can get an opportunity to play a second consecutive turn with an unmarked piece if the game is non winning. Besides, a "×2" icon allows for an unrestricted second turn with an unmarked piece. And the benefit of a bomb icon is that the player can pop out the opponent’s piece.

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Today, connect 4 board game is a popular hit with family and kids alike, and it is a game with easy engagement and quick pace fun. Therefore,  the demand for tools used to play the games is increasing recently. And how to choose the right products so that you can enjoy games? Our Linhai Xinxing Sporting Goods Factory specializes in the aspect of providing products of high quality and does well in connect 4 sale. Wooden toys and other wooden items are the most popular and traditional choices of consumers. If you are interested enough in such games, maybe you can connect us and get what you want. Therefore, enjoy your wooden connect 4.

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