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What Is Checkers?

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Checkers is a type of Othello. Checkers is a type of chess that can be played by two to six players at the same time. The chessboard is a six-pointed star, the chess pieces are divided into six colors, each color has 6 or 10 or 15 chess pieces. Every player uses a corner of checkers and has a piece of one color. Checkers is a puzzle board game suitable for all ages and widely spread.


When using 10 pieces of checkers, it is called ten checkers, using 6 pieces is called six pieces of checkers, and using 15 pieces is called 15 pieces of checkers.


Checkers was founded in England in 1880. It became popular in the United States in the 1930s, and the name of antique Chinese checkers was changed. When this kind of chess pieces were introduced to China, they were called Chinese chess set. In fact, checkers did not originate in China. Checkers has its own rules and different variants, which mainly include original Chinese checkers, Chinese checkers marbles, Russian checkers and themed chess sets.


25-1-Chinese chess set

How to Move the Pieces?


The classic chess set includes international chess board, themed chess pieces and matching dice.


1. Adjacent hops. You can jump directly to the empty position. During the jump, as long as the same conditions are met, you can continue.


2. Isometric jump. The movement of classic chess pieces can be carried out step by step in six adjacent directions connected by a straight line. If there is only one piece in the line segment formed by any empty position on the same straight line, and any piece in the middle of the line segment, you can jump directly to that empty position. In the process of jumping, as long as the same conditions are met, it can be carried out continuously.


3. Using dice. By throwing the dice, you can take a few steps as long as the dice is thrown, and you can jump the dice.


25-2-classic chess pieces

A game of checkers can be divided into three stages: opening, mid-game, and ending. The opening generally refers to the process from the move of the pieces of both sides to the initial contact of the pieces, usually within 10 moves. Mid-game refers to the stage where the elements of the two sides are entangled to compete for a way out, and at the same time set obstacles for the other side. The ending is that the chess pieces of both sides are basically separated, and each enters the opposite position as soon as possible according to its own way. These three stages are not completely separate. Just like in a sprint race, it is divided into three stages: start, midway run and three stages. It is required that the start cannot be lagging behind, and the midway run must be able to keep up, and when sprinting, it is possible to win. Anything falling behind will miss victory.


In a Chinese checkers game, at the beginning of the game, it is necessary to see the development direction of the mid-game and prepare for the mid-game. And when the mid-market is about to end, you have to design the best plan for your finale in advance. If all these can be done well, then you will also become a master of checkers.

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