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What Are the Ways to Play Connect Four?.

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For those who like strategy games, Connect Four game is undoubtedly a classic game. When playing against an opponent, the first person to place four pieces in a row on the game board will win the final victory. This game is simple and suitable for multiplayer fun. But sometimes it can be difficult to come up with a connect 4 strategy to win the game. If you are preparing for your first game, you can master it right away, especially if you are familiar with Tic-Tac-Toe.

Ready to Play

1. Assemble the circuit board. There are several different types of connect four boards. But all boards have a grid for accommodating the checkerboard grid and some type of bracket for accommodating the grid. The traditional setup has two end supports with slots for hooking on each side of the grid to snap into. After fixing the end supports, place the circuit board on a flat surface. Then you close the sliding bar at the bottom of the grid so that there is a crossbar to prevent the checkers from falling.

33-1-connect four boards.

When attaching the end bracket to the grid, make sure that the notched edge of the end bracket faces the grid. Some versions of connection four (such as bounce connect 4 and travel connect 4) have a round game dock, with a slot on each side of the game dock, and the tab at the bottom of the grid can be inserted into the slot.

When you are ready to play, place the board between you and your opponent so that you can stand on the opponent's side.

2. Sort and select check color. Connect Four comes with 21 red chessboards and 21 black chessboards. Before you start, divide them into piles according to the color of the pieces.

If neither you nor your opponent is sure which color should be used, you can place the squares of each color in other containers for selection.

3. Decide who will go first. During the connect 4 board game, you and your opponent will take turns after passing the checkers. Players who go first usually have an advantage in the game.

If you are not sure who will go first, you may need to toss a coin to avoid arguments.

33-2- bounce connect 4

Playing Games

1. Understand the purpose of the game. Before you understand the four in a row strategy, you must make sure that you understand the goals of the game. The player must obtain four pieces of the same color in a row to win.

In this connect four online game, there are three ways to arrange the four checkers in a row: horizontal, vertical and diagonal.

2. Take action. When it's your turn to move in the connect four with friends, you can use the chess piece to place it in a slot at the top of the grid. The standard board has 7 columns and 6 rows to choose from. In the first step, the inspector is usually placed in the bottom row, but you can choose any column according to your own strategy.

You have to choose each move carefully, because your opponent will turn after you. Not only do they have a chance to thwart your four-game winning streak, but sometimes your actions can make it easier for them to get a four-game winning streak.

3. Respond to the opponent's actions. After you move with the inspector, your opponent has a chance to leave. When planning each action, try to imagine how your opponent will respond.

Win the Game

1. Select the middle column to proceed to the first step.

2. In the second step, select another bottom row slot.

3. Use the game solver tool.

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