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What Are the Rules of Dominoes?

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The domino is a set of rectangular tiles or dominoes made of wood, bone or plastic. It originated in the Northern Song Dynasty in China and was brought to Europe by Italian missionaries. When playing dominoes game, people must arrange the wooden domino set in a row at a certain interval, if someone gently knocks down the first domino, and the remaining dominoes will have a chain reaction and fall down one by one, which is similar to the butterfly effect. Domino is a game, and it is a sport as well. Its size and weight standards are made according to domino sports rules, and it is suitable for professional competitions. Then what are the rules of dominoes? Before we talk about it, let us firstly get to know the basic knowledge of domino.


53-wooden domino set

Basic knowledge


Generally speaking, Dominoes have about 8 colors, and people call them "basic colors". These basic colors are all monochromatic. If you want to spell out a beautiful pattern, the key step is to color the dominoes. In addition to stacking a variety of beautiful domino shapes such as single-line, multi-line, and text, dominoes can also be used as building blocks, building houses, building archways, and making all kinds of puzzles.


The rules of dominoes 


The rules of the ordinary domino game are very simple. The classic dominoes games are arranged in a single row at a certain interval or in a single row. The first domino is knocked down, and the others fall down in a chain reaction, or form a long dragon, or form a pattern. The sound of the domino hits is crisp and sweet when the domino falls, and the change is various. We know that the most primitive domino game is only a single line, and the one who pushes down more and farther in the game is the winner. Later, dominoes developed from a single line to a plane, and people began to use dominoes to form some words and patterns. The types of domino games are further developed towards a three-dimensional level, and the application of high-tech achievements coupled with the effects of sound, light, and electricity makes the power transmission of dominoes have various forms, and at the same time, its artistic quality has also been enhanced.


53-playing dominoes game

Folding and stacking


The key step of game is stacking. Although there are some tools that can hold more than a dozen dominoes at once, but in many places, dominoes need to be manipulated one by one, sometimes even with tools such as tweezers. The process of placing dominoes is very hard. In order to place small dominoes accurately, domino game player is required to have great patience and endurance. Participants basically use the "kneeling" operation to lower the body's center of gravity to stack them. So, it can cultivate participants' will and their team spirit. During this period, as long as one card is not placed in place, it may affect the overall situation. It can be said that one move is wrong, all the games are lost.

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