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What Are the Rules of Checkers?

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Checkers is a puzzle board game suitable for all ages and widely spread.


The game rules of checkers are very simple. The movement of classic chess pieces can be carried out step by step in six adjacent directions connected by a straight line. If there is a piece of any side in the adjacent position, the next position in the straight line direction of this position is empty, you can jump directly to the empty position. In the process of jumping, as long as the same conditions are met, it can be carried out continuously. The first to occupy all the positions directly opposite will win the victory. You can understand it as soon as you play, so almost everyone has played checkers.


26-1-Chinese Checkers with glass marbles.

Rules of Chinese Checkers


Chinese Checkers were invented in the United States in the 1920s. In fact, it is based on an earlier Victorian game called Halma, which was played on a 16 x 16 checkerboard. For discerning customers, we will strive to find high-quality or something special. Some interesting things include Chinese checkers board game, magnetic Chinese checkers and Chinese checkers solitaire.




The Chinese Checkers or Chinese Chequers board is in the shape of a six pointed sta. Each point of the star is a triangle, composed of ten holes. The inside of the circuit board is hexagonal with five long holes on each side. Each triangle is a different color. There are six groups. There are ten in each group, each with a corresponding color.




Custom Chinese Checkers can be played by two, three, four or six players. If six people participate in the game, all nails and triangles are used. If there are four players, start the game from two pairs of opposing triangles, and the two-player game should also be played from opposing triangles. In a three-player game, the nails will start with three triangles that are equidistant from each other.



Each player chooses a color and places 10 pegs of that color in the corresponding triangle.


Many rules state that any unused triangles must have unused nails so that they cannot be used during the game. If the unused triangles are left blank, the game will be more interesting. The nail can jump over and stop in it.


26-2-magnetic chinese checkers



The first player to move all ten nails across the entire board into the opposite triangle will win the final victory. The first player to win all 10 destination holes is the winner.


There are many variations of this type of game, such as Chinese Checkers with glass marbles, magnetic chinese checkers and Chinese star checkers.




Flip a coin or Chinese Checkers pieces to decide who starts. Players take turns to move individual nails of their own color. In a round, one pin can simply move into an adjacent hole, or one or more hops can be made on the other pins.


At the beginning of the game, the areas on both sides were filled with pieces:


The goal is to jump all your chess pieces to the opposite corner, and this chess player wins.


The chess piece can move one square to the adjacent space, or it can jump over the adjacent chess piece (both one's own side or the other side), and land on the square in front of the chess piece.


The player can jump multiple moves in one move. 

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