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What Are the Reasons for Playing Chess?.

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Chess is a chess game in which two players play against each other. In fact, it originated in Asia and was later introduced to Europe by the Arabs and became an international chess game. Based on the diversity of rules and changes, chess is a very complex game. Chess is a sport suitable for most age groups.

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What are the benefits of playing chess? Why is the game of chess so popular? This article will analyze for you one by one.

1. Chess helps to develop memory. A international chess player remembers what moves his opponent has played in the past, especially where he loses and what he wins. A study shows that children who often play chess do well in all subjects.

2. Chess promotes concentration. In the international chess game, the chess player only needs to focus on the goal of knocking back the opponent and becoming the winner. To play chess well, whether you are a chess master or an ordinary chess player, you need to maintain a high degree of tension and focus.

3. Chess develops logical thinking in chess. Chess requires a reasonable understanding of strategy.

4. Chess helps prevent dementia. Since the brain moves like a muscle, it needs constant exercise to avoid damage and maintain health. An article in the New England Journal of Medicine revealed that people over 75 who engage in mental activities similar to playing chess are less likely to suffer from dementia than those who do not play chess.

5. Chess develops scientific thinking. When playing chess board game, you create many variations in your brain. You construct a variety of ideas for playing chess in your mind, explore new ideas, and try different ways to get enlightenment.

6. Chess can improve creativity. The human right brain is in charge of creation. There is no doubt that more use of the right brain will help develop creativity. Especially chess also helps to strengthen uniqueness.

7. Chess is a test of patience, nerves, willpower and concentration. In addition, playing chess requires good physical fitness.

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8. Chess improves students' grades. A number of studies have shown that playing chess improves children's learning level and overall learning ability.

9. Chess can teach people planning and foresight. Young people play chess to help develop the brain's planning, judgment, and self-control functions. Chess strategy games help brain development and make better decisions in various situations throughout life.

10. Chess can exercise the left and right brains. In a German study, experts tested chess experts and beginners on simple geometric shapes, the position of chess pieces, and their ability to judge and react. They thought they could find that the expert’s left brain activity was more active, but they found that the right brain was also working very well. The reaction time of the left and right brains to simple shapes is the same. Chess experts control the brain and use it to react to changes in the position of the chess pieces.

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