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What Are the Complete Rules of Backgammon?

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Backgammon is a game of moving chess on a chessboard or table. The number of moves is determined by rolling two dice. The predecessor of Backgammon has been among the oldest games of all kinds as early as 3000 BC. The purpose of the game is to make your pieces reach the finish line first. There are many options for backgammon, including tourism backgammon set, modern backgammon set and professional backgammon set.


In addition to hardwood backgammon suits, backgammon games on line nowadays also have different tricks, such as backgammon classic game, backgammon cash games and backgammon selling board games.


The backgammon game equipment is very simple. You need a standard backgammon board, 30 checkers (usually 15 checkers per player, in tan and brown colors), and two or four 6-sided dice. Before starting, you need to install a backgammon game board.


96-1-tourism backgammon set

Rules of Backgammon


Backgammon has two players. The backgammon chess board is divided into 4 parts, or 4 regions. Each part is marked with 6 wedge-shaped narrow areas or small strongholds alternately in black and white colors. A vertical line called the boundary divides the chessboard into inner and outer areas. In the game, one side uses 15 white pieces and the other side uses 15 black pieces. According to the number of points displayed on the dice they cast, the two sides move their pieces from one stronghold to another in the opposite direction from their respective inner areas. The points displayed by the two dice can be used to move two pieces respectively, or they can be added together to move one piece. When the dice shows two identical numbers, double the calculation. For example, two 6-points should be calculated as 4 6-points.


Choosing the First Player


At first, each player rolls the dice once, and the player with the highest roll is ranked first. In the event of a tie, the player rolls the dice again. The result of the roll is the first step of the game.


Move Checkers


In each round, the first thing the player does is throw two dice at the same time. The number displayed on the dice determines the number of steps moved. The board can only move to an open point. This point is not occupied by the opponent's two or more chessboards. If you roll four and one, you can move one/four/five spaces of a checkerboard to an opening point.


Rolling Doubles


Doubling means four steps. For example, if you roll a double 5s, you can use any combination of squares to make four moves with five spaces.

91-1-classic backgammon game


Hitting the Opponents Blot


Blot refers to a single checker of a color located at a point. If your chess piece lands on the opponent's blot, remove the opponent's chess piece from the board.


If there are one or more checkers on the bar, the first thing to do is to put those checkers back on the board and then move other checkers. Unless all the checkers are on your board, you cannot afford any checkers.


Doubling Cube


Backgammon has a series of games. Players have to compete for a certain number of points to win. Using backgammon doubling cube is very simple.


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