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What Are the Common Problems in Chess Games?.

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What are the common problems in chess games? What is the answer? This article lists these questions and answers, mainly to help you understand the pieces to be used when playing chess.

Standard chess set consists of two types of chess pieces, black and white. Regardless of whether it is the vision of White or Black, the bottom right corner of the board must be white, the white queen must be placed on the white square, and the black queen must be placed on the black square. The white king must be in the e1 square, and the black king must be in the e8 square. Professional international chess is played against each other, with one side playing white and one side playing black. The game is played by the white player first. Take one step at a time. The two players take turns to play chess until the end of the game.

94-1-professional international chess

How many pieces are there in a chess set?

It is understood that whether it is a classic chess set, a personalized chess set or a magnetic travel chess set, a chessboard has a total of 32 pieces. There are 16 white and 16 black chess pieces on each side of the board.

Are some chess pieces high in status?

The goal of games of chess is to catch the opponent's king and protect your own king. You have to capture the opponent's pieces as much as possible, and avoid being eaten as much as possible.

Remember the following points:

You must protect King at all costs.

Queen can be said to be an omnipotent chess piece. It combines the functions of Bishop and Rook. It is the most powerful assistant in the marching formation. Its importance is second only to Wang.

Knight is a surprisingly expert, and often used to catch doubles. Because of its special moves, it can be used to confuse novices.

Bishop is particularly useful in open spaces. But novices always ignore this and cannot make the best use of it.

Rook has a wide range of activities, and its usefulness can be seen best when the space is open.

Don't think that Pawn is trivial, it's a good trapper.

Each type of chess piece has its specific way of moving on the board.

90-1-professional chess set

In international chess match, is the chessboard a key part?

One of the most important parts of the chessboard is centering. Because you can enter the entire board from the middle area. In the game, whoever controls the area has a great possibility to win the final victory.

There are several unique chess boards, including magnetic international chess board, folded chess board and three-dimensional chess board.

Should I use my Queen earlier or later?

It all depends on what the opponent does, but it is best to be cautious. Queen is the most powerful chess piece. It can walk horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. There is no limit to the number of squares per move, and any piece in these directions can be attacked. Moving it too early in the game may put you at a great disadvantage.

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