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What Are the Chess Facts That We Don’t Know?.

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International chess set can be said to be one of the best board games. It is a perfect fusion of strategy and tactics and pure technology. For centuries, chess has been a game tool for scholars and wise men. The fun of it cannot be explained in a word. Chess requires a certain talent, but its winning or losing is not limited by age. A complete set of chess mainly includes a professional chess board and chess set pieces.

There are different materials for chess, including glass chess set, marble chess set and wooden magnetic chess set.

Chess is a game of wisdom and decision-making. Although novices always have many omissions, the fun of chess lies in the more you understand, the more you love.

88-1-wooden stacking game

This article does not discuss chess tactics, rules and player psychology, but focuses on some chess facts that you do not know. These essential and important information will help you understand the theory and core concepts of chess games.

You will be surprised by the following chess facts.

1. The longest chess game took 5949 moves.

2. Chess has its unique charm and can be called a unique game in the world. The estimated number of electrons in the universe is 10^79, while the number of unique games of chess is 10^120.

3. Until 1561, Castle has been moving twice. One move is R-KB1, and the next move is K-KN1.

4. Records show that in 1966, Bobotsor VS Ikrov’s international chess game had the longest rowing action among their many competitions.

5. The longest chess problem, with 290 moves, is the credit of Otto Blassy (1886-1939).

6. The word "Checkmate" often used in chess is derived from the Persian word "Shah Mat". It means "the king is dead". If you fall into this situation, it means that your king is facing a threat from the opponent's pieces. You must remove the threat immediately.

There are three methods to choose from:

Withdraw King from the threat area and move to a safe place.

Take the general's chess piece.

Use your other chess pieces to block the king. But this trick doesn't work for horses and soldiers (or rear, carts, and elephants that are attacking personally).

87-1-toppling tower game

If none of these three tricks work and can't solve the king's siege, you will lose.

7. In 1973, Cleveland, the winner of a chess match, was raided by the police. The police arrested the person in charge of the game and confiscated the professional chess set based on the charges.

8. Dr. Emmanuel Lasker of Germany won the title of the longest World Chess Championship.

9. Thomas Wilson was the inventor of the first mechanical chess clock in 1883. Before this discovery, the hourglass was an excellent tool for timekeeping.

10. The earliest foldable chess board was invented by a priest who was keen on chess. The church does not allow priests to play chess games, so the shrewd priest has developed a game that looks very similar to the two books to hide the board.

Chess is an intellectual competitive sport and was once listed as an official event of the Olympic Games.

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