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Unlock the "out of the circle" movement - Frisbee

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On social platforms, more or less you can see the photos of Frisbee, this sport is gradually becoming a "stress reliever" for contemporary young people!

Script kill, Chamber of Secrets, city camping, mindfulness meditation, hand dish... And then to the emergence of the Frisbee sport today, contemporary young people have done a real physical practice on the road to show themselves.

Frisbee is a fitness event in which a disc-like object is thrown to a teammate in any direction.

The so-called trend is a circle, either retro or the future.

Because Frisbee itself has the characteristics of full fun, easy to get started, no physical collision and strong social attributes, so this niche sport has once again entered the public's vision, becoming the "newdarling" of contemporary young people's fashion movement!

So, today we're going to talk about Frisbee? What are the ways to play this new sport?


Frisbee's past and present lives

The original shape of the Frisbee can be traced back to the pie tin. In the 19th century, the American baker Frisbie opened a Pie shop, and college students liked the "Frisbie Pie" he made, and threw round tin plates for fun after eating. In 1948, Walter Morrison, an American, made the first modern Frisbee out of plastic. In 1957, the company Wham-O, which developed the hula hoop, acquired the exclusive marketing rights to the Frisbee and registered the trademark Frisbee in 1959 after hearing about the custom of college students playing Frisbie. Since then, Frisbee sports and industries in the United States have gradually taken shape, and "Father of Frisbee sports" Headdrick has developed sport-grade Frisbee and established the International Frisbee Association. In 1974, the first World Frisbee Championship was held at the Rose Bowl in California.

Once in the 1980s, Frisbee has been introduced into China, when it as a competitive sport and leisure toy, with the reform and opening up, frequent internal and external exchanges of the process, into the folk vision. Interestingly, the resurgence of Frisbee in the current, the core audience is urban youth. Frisbee this "sudden flying" into the public view, from the social network began. Frisbee entered the World Games in 2001, and the 2025 World Games in Chengdu will have Frisbee events. The Ministry of Education has also included Frisbee in the Compulsory Education Curriculum Plan and Curriculum Standards (2022 edition) this year, making it one of the contents of physical education.

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How Frisbee sports caught fire

Frisbee is a friendly sport. Frisbee has a low barrier to entry. A sports suit, a pair of sneakers, a frisbee, you can play frisbee sports. Site requirements are not high, there is a small open space is enough; Can throw, can catch, love to run, and a few friends even hit it off with passers-by, can play. Frisbee is not difficult to get started, sports white in the first contact, throw a disc, receive a disc, you can get some small sense of accomplishment, pleasure, it is easier to stick to. Close to nature, moderate amount of exercise, and strong interaction, Frisbee also attracted some young partners who were not too involved in outdoor sports in the past.

Frisbee is a social game. Frisbee sport has both sports attributes, social attributes, and trend attributes in one, because of this, the sport can quickly become popular and become the "new favorite" of urban youth in the post-epidemic era. Frisbee in the process of playing, naturally need to communicate with others: two people to pass, team cooperation, after the game are involved in communication, there is no need to worry about the topic between disc friends. The World Frisbee Federation promotes the "Frisbee spirit" of knowing the rules, avoiding physical contact, enjoying the game, playing fairly and communicating respectfully. People are more eager to broaden their life circle through social means, and they want to be close to nature and organically integrate fitness and social interaction, which just fits the characteristics of Frisbee sports.

Several common ways to play Frisbee

01.【 Team Frisbee 】

Team Frisbee is a 7-on-7, non-contact, competitive sport with three divisions, mixed, women's and men's, in which at least three women must be present on the mixed court.

The standard field of the team Frisbee is a rectangle of 100 meters ×37 meters, with a playing area in the middle and an 18-meter scoring area on each side. Each team defends a scoring zone. A player who catches a Frisbee in a field defended by the other team scores a point. The game lasts 100 minutes and the target score is usually 15 points.

02. [Dodging Frisbee] Dodging Frisbee is a sport that prioritizes safety, combining part of the concept of dodging a game, the throwing action of Frisbee and the flying of the Frisbee, giving changeable competition rules.

Frisbee avoidance is an adversarial sport in which the opponent is beaten to the maximum extent possible in a specified field. Each team must have 13 players on the field. The Frisbee can only be used to hit the opposing player's body. If any part of the body is touched by the Frisbee, the player is eliminated from the game, and the outfield player hits the infield player to obtain the corresponding resurrection right. Within the specified time, the side with the most remaining players in the arena wins.

03.【 Throw a Frisbee 】

The basic rules are similar to golf, and the aim is to throw the Frisbee into the target frame with the fewest number of throws. The official competition sets 9-18 target boxes and records the number of throws completed for all target boxes. Each throw of the target box starts from a new starting point. A throw in a target box starts at the landing point of the previous throw. Each throw starts with the player whose landing point is furthest from the target box.


Interpretation of the project characteristics of Frisbee movement

In the competition, the upper limb is mainly to throw and catch the frisbee, and the core part mainly plays the function of core stability and force conduction. Frisbee sports require endurance, throwing and other athletic abilities, including agility, speed, coordination and quick offensive and defensive transition ability is also very important.

The intensity variation during a frisbee competition is similar to interval training. When the offensive sprint reaches a high intensity, the jogging state on the return gives a proper interval of rest. A professional frisbee game, lasting 100 minutes, athletes can run up to 10 kilometers. Frisbee is a particularly good combination of aerobic and anaerobic exercise, which can improve the human heart and lung ability, and greatly improve the reaction ability and jumping ability.

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