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Types of bingo game

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When talking about bingo games, you may first think of connecting the drawn numbers into a row or a column on set of bingo cards. However, there are many other ways of playing, and the number of balls and patterns have different fun according to different places. No matter what kind of bingo games, people's ultimate goal is to win, so we need to know how different types of classic bingo game sets are played.



Types of bingo games


Our most common bingo game uses 75 large bingo balls, but the game can be adjusted flexibly by changing the number of balls. Generally speaking, if the number of balls is small, the chances of winning are higher.


78-1-classic bingo game set

30 ball bingo


This wooden bingo game set with a small number of balls is very suitable for players who have limited time or want to experience bingo games. 30 balls of bingo require 30 balls and a 3×3 bingo card. Because of the small number of balls, it can be played at a faster speed and can play multiple rounds in a short time.


90 ball bingo


A 90-ball bingo needs 90 balls and a 3×5 bingo card. This type of 90 ball bingo set is generally popular in Britain and other parts of the world. Generally speaking, the first person to connect numbers in a row is the winner. If all 15 numbers on your bingo card can be crossed out, then you are the luckiest person in the audience.


80 ball bingo


Many online amazon bingo game sets are of this type. This type of game uses 80 balls and a 4×4 bingo card to connect numbers according to different game requirements.


75 ball bingo


This type of traditional bingo game set is played most often in America and Canada. This type of bingo card has 24 numbers and an empty square in the middle of the card, and the numbers are arranged according to the letter b-i-n-g-o, which increases the interest of bingo game. This type of bingo game is divided into 15 groups according to each letter.



Some common patterns


Four corners


This mode of bingo set for sale only needs players to fill four squares in the corner of bingo card to win, which is a very flexible game mode.


Outer edge


When playing the outer edge bingo game, it is necessary to fill in the external frame of the bingo card, which forms the edge pattern of the bingo card.


78-2-classic bingo game set

Multiple rows


Many common bingo games only need to connect one row or one column on the bingo set cards to win, while in the multi-row bingo mode, multiple rows or columns need to be filled to meet the requirements of the game, or only the specified rows or columns need to be completed.


Full house


This bingo mode requires players to cross out all the squares on the bingo card, which is similar to a 90 ball bingo.


Letter patterns


This game mode like big w bingo game requires you to fill in spaces on the bingo card to form the designated letters in order to win.

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