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Tips for beginners in bowling

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Bowling is a kind of leisure sport that can be in line with international standards. With the improvement of living standards, more and more people are learning bowling now. So what are the introductory skills for bowling?


How to play bowling

1. The method of bowling is to choose a set of bowling balls that suits your strength.The size of the ball hole should fit your hand. The thumb and ring finger can be inserted into the second joint. When holding the ball, the shoulder should be flat, facing the arrow on the fairway, and the palm of the hand should support the ball. Take the ball straight with both hands. Don't shake, and then you can take a few steps and throw the ball in your hand.


66 bowling set (1)

2. The method of set bowling is to assist walking. There are 3 steps, 4 steps, 5 steps, and three kinds of assisted walking method, and the 4 step method is the most commonly used. In the first step, start with the right foot and extend the ball forward at the same time. In the second step, the left foot is stepped out, and the angle between the hand and the body is about 90 degrees. In the third step, when the right foot is stepped forward, the position of the ball is placed behind. In the fourth step, when the left foot slides out, the ball is sent out from the hand with light force at the same time. You should note that your footsteps should not exceed the foul line.


3. The method of bowling is to straighten the body when sending the ball. When sending the plastic bowling ball, straighten the body and walk straight to the fairway, and the swing of the ball should be perpendicular to the ground. You should also pay attention to keeping balance. The most important thing is to look at the arrow on the fairway to determine the route of the plastic bowling pin after it is sent.



Benefits of bowling

1. Release stress. Bowling is the art of hitting and the art of destruction, which can help you vent unpleasant emotions. Bowling pins set up is a sport that requires a high degree of concentration. This highly brain-intensive process will make you spend all your energy on playing, and you will naturally forget all your worries.


66 bowling set (2)

2. Enhance social interaction. Indoor bowling set is a process of constantly asking friends for advice and communicating with people. Through consultation, exchange, and discussion, the communication with others is naturally enhanced.


3. Exercise brain response ability. Big bowling set can exercise the human brain and prevent Alzheimer's disease, so it is especially suitable for the elderly.


4. Keep physical fitness. Although bowling is not a vigorous aerobic exercise, it can move the muscles of the whole body every time from the help to the outdoor bowling set. It is especially suitable for people who are not moving in the office for a long time and have aching muscles. A bowling pin is a kind of leisure and entertainment fitness.


The above is about some tips for beginners in bowling, I hope it will be helpful to you. 

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