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Tip on Improving Chess Skills

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1. Exercise frequently

When you want to improve your chess skills, you have to practice it often. Playing against friends and family is a good start. But there is a suggestion that you should play against somebody with a certain skill level so that you will make faster progress.


By playing against people better than you, you will learn how to play chess better. While it's fun to play with someone who's also new to the game, you won't learn much about strategy.


Another great chess learning skill is to review the game after the match to find out where you went wrong, sum up the experience, and learn some of your opponent's strategies. Review will help you learn chess better.


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2. Learn basics firstly

Chess games have been popular for centuries, which means there's a lot to learn for new players. At the beginning of each game, the chess pieces are located in the same position on the board, but there are hundreds of different strategies and tricks that can be used. But when we first start learning, we need to focus on the most important things rather than the complicated strategies.


Firstly, you should learn some basic movements and rules. After a short time, you can start to learn some strategies and logic think. This doesn’t mean that you can not learn some complicated points. But you should know that you can not use those complicated thing well when you are still confused about the simple rules.


3. Accept Criticism

If you have a chess coach, you're likely to get a lot of praise and criticism from him. When he points out some of your shortcomings in playing chess or even gives some critical suggestions, you need to accept and review.


As you move the pieces left and right, the coach will usually look at the side of the board and get a full picture of your play, so they can clearly see the good and bad moves you're making. If you choose a good chess partner, they are likely to teach you a lot as they play the game, so listen to them.


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4. Improving memorizing

Chess is a brain game that requires a good memory. The more memory you use, the better you will play, so we suggest that you memorize not only your own game, but also famous games from the entire history of chess.


Regular training will not only help you remember, it will also help you improve your visualization skills and allow you to recall exactly where the pieces moved throughout the game.


Besides, we recommend learning from a top player or world champion, from the games they play, and watching their moves closely. A good habit is to improve your mental skills by guessing where the chess masters will move their pieces next.


If you are a new player in chess, you can consider these skills which may help you a lot. XINXING are glad to offer some advice for every chess player!

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