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Three chess opening traps teach you how to checkmate in one minute

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Chess is not only a chess sport, in the game to achieve a certain result, you can get the title of national second-level athletes. Children learn to play chess at an early age can cultivate good logical thinking ability and enhance the ability of scenario prediction and global judgment.

In the study of national elephants, in addition to the basic chess rules, the opening is very important, the following to introduce the more common in the national elephants three opening traps and need to pay attention to the national elephants opening principles.

Chess opening trap 1:

1.e4 e 5

2. Like c4 like c5

3. After f3 horse h6?

4.d4!  Like x, d4

5. Like x h6 g x h6

6. After x f7#

Chess opening Trap 2:

1.e4 e 5

2. Horse f3 d6

3. Like c4 like g4

4. Horse c3 g6?

(Gives White a chance to abandon the queen and attack the king)

5. Horse x e5! Like x, d1?

6. Like x f7 King e7

7. Horse d5#

Chess opening Trap three:

1.e4 e5

2. Horse f3 d6

3. Like c4 like g4

4. Horse c3 Horse c6

5.0-0 Horse d4?

Black side greedy son, white side abandoned after attack king

6. Horse X e5! Like X, d1?

7. Like X f7 + King e7

8. Horse d5#

Five principles of chess opening

Principle one: Get out as soon as possible and occupy the main points. General horse, like the weak son should be out first, after, car class hadrons should be out after, should avoid repeating the method or further regression method.

Principle 2: Center of contention or control

Principle three: To establish a strong military defense, without the corresponding situation advantage or offensive compensation, to avoid the formation of weak troops or weak elements in their own positions.

Principle four: Strive to achieve strategic synergy between the components (components include the coordination between pieces and soldiers, pieces and pieces, and soldiers and soldiers), to avoid mutual interference, obstruction or obstruction.

Principle 5: Timely castling of the king, so that the king timely transfer to a safe place to prevent the other party's sudden attack.

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