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The six pieces of chess

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                                                                     The six pieces of chess

Chess is an ancient game. The name of each piece has its own specific meaning. If you want to know their name and origin history, check it out below.

1. The King is the most important piece in chess, and when the king is checkmated, the game is lost. The move can be straight and horizontal, but only one box can be walked at a time, and the position to be walked must not be threatened by the opposing piece, otherwise it will be considered an "illegal move". Eating is the same as walking.

2. The Queen is the most powerful piece in chess. After it can be straight and diagonal, and the number of boxes is not limited. Eating is the same as walking. The latter is equivalent to the strength of two cars or three elephants in the opening and middle game stages, and slightly less than the strength of two cars in the end game stage. After is often the decisive force to win in the game, after losing one often means that the game is lost, and the lost side usually throws in the defeat.

After the simulation is the European Middle Ages, the royal family borrowed reinforcements from the Queen's family, so it is the most powerful son on the board, representing the strength of foreign reinforcements.

3. The Rook (or castle, English: Rook) is one of the chess pieces. The move of the car is the same as that of the Chinese chess car, so it is called the car; However, the shape of the chess pieces is the same as the castle, so it is also called the castle. On chess, the "R" stands for car.


The car can go horizontally or straight, the number of boxes is not limited, and can not be tilted. Eating is the same as walking. The king and the rook have a special way of moving, called the "king rook translocation".

4. An elephant (or Bishop) is a type of chess piece. The movement of the elephant can only be slanted, the number of boxes is not limited, but it cannot be turned. White images can only appear in white, black images can only appear in black. Eating is the same as walking. It simulates the religious forces of the Middle Ages in Europe, so it is oblique.

5. A horse (or Knight) is a type of chess piece. The move of the horse is the same as that of Chinese chess, the same is the "day" character, or the English letter capitalized "L" shape: that is, the first left (or right) to move 1 square, and then up (or down) to move 2 square; Or go 2 Spaces to the left (or right) and then 1 space up (or down). The difference is that chess horses do not have the restriction of "tripping". Eating is the same as walking.

The horse simulates the cavalry used by the nobility in medieval Europe. Since the speed of a cavalry charge is higher than that of an infantry, but slower than that of a bow and arrow, the number of movable squares per step of a horse is greater than that of a pawn, but less than that of a cart.

6. Pawn (English: Pawn) is the weakest and most numerous pieces in chess. The move of the pawn is that the first step can go one or two squares forward, and the next step can only go one square forward and cannot go backward. However, when eating opposing pieces, it is to eat the square located in the diagonal front, and fall on that square.

The move of the soldier and the method of eating the child is to simulate the single soldier combat of the European medieval infantry. At that time, the infantry was made up of common people (knights were made up of nobles), and the method of fighting was to form a single line and protect themselves with shields against the enemy directly in front of them. The spear is extended between the shield and the shield to kill the enemy on the left front and the right front, so in today's chess, the method of eating the pawn is to eat the left front and the right front. Due to the large number of foot soldiers and slow movement, they are the most numerous and slowest moving children in the chess group.


The moves of various pieces in chess contain more modern spirit in it. For example, the "pawn" in chess can change after all. It is advocated that as long as we persist in continuous efforts, everyone has the opportunity to promote and develop, and realize their ideals.

The "king" in chess, without the imprisonment of Tian Zi grid, can walk freely and give full play to its due energy. Therefore, this kind of effective communication between superiors and subordinates, teachers and students should be encouraged to fully understand the information and needs, and break the boundaries of management.

The female role "Hou" has appeared in chess, and has made great contributions, advocating the importance of women's meticulous, patient, more resilient and coordinated character advantages, and advocating the "unity and comprehensive effect" mode of action.

The "horse" of chess, on the other hand, does not have the phenomenon of horse legs at all, so it aims to encourage sincere cooperation and common progress. In addition, the move of the horse is a "day" shape, rather than the general horizontal and vertical move of the chess piece, and the innovative thinking represented by this unconventional move is indispensable in the learning work.

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