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The game rules and development history of checkers

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                                                              The game rules and development history of checkers

The game rules and development history of checkers

It's a kind of black and white chess. Checkers is a kind of chess that can be played by two to six people at the same time, the board is hexagonal star shape, the pieces are divided into six colors, each color 6 or 10 or 15 pieces, each player uses a corner of checkers, has a color, a wide range of educational board games for all ages. So what are the rules of the game and its development history? Fire sister technology for you to bring the answer:


1. Rules of the game:

The game rules of checkers are very simple, the movement of the pieces can be carried out step by step in the adjacent six directions with a straight line connection, if there is a piece in the adjacent position, the position under the straight line direction is empty, you can directly "jump" to the vacancy, "jump" process, as long as the same conditions are met can be carried out continuously. The first to capture all the positions directly opposite will be victorious.

2. History of development

Checkers was founded in the United Kingdom in 1880, the English name: Halma (Greek "jump" meaning), the original board is a square, a total of 256 grids, the beginning of the pieces distributed in four corners, to the fastest jump to the diagonal as the goal, the rules and Chinese checkers are the same. Soon someone changed it to a star-shaped chessboard, patented by a German company called Stern-Halma. It became popular in the United States in the 1930s and was renamed Chinese Checkers.

When this piece spread to China, called bozi chess, in fact checkers did not originate in China. However, checkers has become one of the most popular board and card games in China, which shows its strong adaptability to The Times and the display of gameplay.

The above is the gameplay rules and development history of checkers, I hope the gameplay of checkers can be retained for a long time.

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