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The evolution of the rules of Go?

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                                                                              The evolution of the rules of Go?

Based on the existing historical data, the evolution history of Chinese Weiqi rules is briefly introduced by time:

1. From ancient times to the Qin Dynasty, there is no data to prove the rules at that time, it is generally believed that the chess board is less than 19, the number of seats can be more than 4, and it is not sure whether it is "two Qi live chess" (two eyes), and the way of hijacking.

2. From the Han Dynasty to the Tang Dynasty, according to the characters of Weiqi Fu in the Han Dynasty, the rules of playing chess had been gradually formed, and the "Sun Ce's edits and Lv Fan's game" (the authenticity is still doubtful) in The Three Kingdoms was already "two Qi live chess" (two eyes) and war. The seat son was determined to be 4, the chessboard changed from 17 to 19, and the unearthed objects were mostly 17. The calculation area adopts the "comparison method", which is similar to the number method, but each chess subtracts "two roads", that is, "return the chess head".

3. In Song Dynasty, "Lotus Sorrow and Qingle Collection" is the earliest ancient book with chess notation, while earlier ancient books only have characters and no chess notation. From the "Lotus Qingle collection" we know that to the Tang Dynasty, the mainstream of the chess board is 19, there are 4 seats, the existing chess scores are black first, the actual game may have black and white first. The calculation area adopts "comparison method". The Song Dynasty followed the Tang system.


4. In the Ming and Qing Dynasties, the defects of "comparing the road method" were realized in practice, and it was transformed into a "number method" - a perfect rule in which the territory and the chess are sufficient and necessary conditions for each other, rather than the current "number method in which the land is empty". The seat is still 4, determined as white chess first.

5. During the period of the Republic of China, affected by Japan, the seat son and the return chess head were cancelled, and the number method was not adopted in the calculation area, but the number method of "the child is empty" was formed. 6. 49 years later, the rule of the Republic of China was basically followed, and posts were included in the calculation of territory. Now the rules have included the "prohibition of all the same", but in practice basically do not use, the multi-loot cycle is still judged as a draw or no win.

History of the evolution of Japanese Go rules:

1. When it was introduced into Japan during the Tang Dynasty, Chinese rules should have been followed.

2. The earliest known chess score is 1253 at the end of the Southern Song Dynasty, but it has been verified as a fake. Perhaps the seat has been abolished, and the number method has changed from the comparison method to the number method, only the number (empty point), not the number of pieces, and no longer deduct the two purposes of each piece of "return head." Black first white, do not stick to the eye. The numerical method has many shortcomings that cannot be remedied. 3. It was not until 1926 that it gradually appeared. The number of stickers gradually increased. In 1955, five and a half eyes were confirmed, and in 2002, six and a half eyes were started in Korea.


Ying's rule

It was founded in 1974 by Mr. Ying Changji. In fact, it is closer to the Chinese number method, which is also the child empty ground. The subsequent amendments are basically on the looting of the division of the struggle to stir up the above, hoping to avoid the cycle of multiple looting, the actual effect is worse than the ban on the same. It was first proposed to stick 8 points, which is now 7 and a half.

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