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The 5 types of games that children aged 1-3 most need to play are very helpful for brain development

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                             The 5 types of games that children aged 1-3 most need to play are very helpful for brain development

If you often worry, do not know what to play with your children, then you should pay attention to oh. Because these games are confirmed by scientific research, they can promote the intellectual development of babies, which is much more nutritious than cartoons.

01 Body movement games

In the concept of many mothers, building blocks and playing puzzles can make the baby smart, and running and jumping, climbing up and down, it seems that it has nothing to do with smart, right?

This is actually a big misunderstanding. Scientific research has found that sports have a very obvious role in promoting the development of children's brains and intelligence. For one thing, the areas of the brain that are activated during exercise overlap, to a large extent, with the areas of the brain that are involved in cognitive activity.

On the other hand, exercise can improve a child's blood circulation and increase blood and oxygen supply to the brain. Although the weight of the brain is only 3% of the body weight, the blood consumption and oxygen consumption are more than 20%. So children who exercise regularly, their brains will be more brilliant.

French scientists have done research. They found students in grades 1-6, with one group participating in additional sports and the other not.

Is it surprising that kids who play sports get better grades than kids who don't, even though they spend less time studying?

What this study tells us is that instead of children spending a lot of time studying, they should strengthen physical activity from an early age. Not only will the child learn easily, but the results will be better.

And for 1-3 year old children, they are already in a lively age, like to climb up and down, running around. We just need to limit them less, and when we are free, we can play some physical games with them.

Like playing ball. When the child is not very good at walking, we can sit face to face with him, roll the ball to him, and then let him throw the ball back.

When he walks a little more neatly, we can play with the child to throw, fetch and kick the ball.

In addition to ball games, it is also good to chase and play with children.

At home, we can play when we were young lost handkerchiefs, one two three wooden people.

In a more open place, we can let the child pretend to be a big bad Wolf to catch us, or play the game of blowing bubbles, and let the child run around after the bubble. As long as the running up, the child can move the body, promote the development of the brain.


02 Fine action games

Simply put, it means that children can move to the fingers, wrists, hands of the game. Such as grasping things, taking a spoon, drawing with crayons, building blocks, QQ son and so on.

Fine motor play is also very, very important for a child's developing brain.

First of all, although our hands take up only a small part of the body, they take up a large area of the cerebral cortex.

Moreover, the functional area of the hand and the speech function area are very close, so regular exercise of the hands is also conducive to the child's language development. Secondly, in the process of learning and exploring, many activities need hands to complete. Small to self-care, big to write, draw, play the piano.

If the child's hand coordination, use ability is not strong, he will encounter obstacles when doing a lot of things.

Finally, fine movements generally require children to concentrate and stay quiet to complete, so this kind of game is also very good for the cultivation of children's concentration.

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