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Skills you need to master to compete in chess

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                                                          Skills you need to master to compete in chess

Reducing and reducing mistakes is a big hurdle

Making mistakes in chess moves, that's what everyone does. From world champions to beginners, even chess software that can calculate to the end game can't avoid it, so it's not surprising, as long as you try to avoid making fewer mistakes. We worship teachers, we read books, are in order not to make mistakes, make fewer mistakes. There are two types of errors, one is the force error, is simply or complex eaten by the opponent, also known as the lost son; The other is the situation error, that is, the chess moves are not wrong, but there are visible or difficult to find problems at the strategic level.

The most important reason for mistakes is strength. If strength is not an issue, there are four reasons.

1. Tired out, playing chess often happens, the solution is: chocolate, juice, coffee or other own suitable food.

2. Distraction, during the game, the neighboring table quarreled and fought, distracting the attention. The solution is to call the referee and wait for things to settle before starting.

3. Wandering mind, sometimes the brain is not thinking about chess but disorderly thinking, this has to find a solution, such as deep breathing, meditation and so on.

4. Error cycle, in fact, people often make the same mistakes, if you find out their own mistakes, then you will find the same mistakes again and again. The solution is to pay more attention to repetition.

Offer peace when appropriate

In order to the whole game, the situation is deadlocked for a long time, you can consider offering a peace, some people think that generally do not accept the draw request also do not offer a peace; Others believe that according to the actual situation. Radish cabbage, personal love, make a standard is best.

Psychological factors and outside influences are also important

Although chess is a game of pure skill, psychological influence also plays a very important role in it. Now in the game, the opponent in order to exert psychological pressure on the opponent, there are countless methods.

Ways to avoid being affected are:

1. Focus on the board, not your opponent.

2. Always think in terms of your opponent's best moves.

3. If your opponent does anything that affects you, report it to the referee immediately. Don't go to argue with your opponent, so as not to affect your emotions.

4. If the opponent has lost a few and is still stubborn, don't be angry, patiently find the safest way to deal with it.

5. To have bear heart leopard courage, bear heart is to have the ambition to defeat the opponent, leopard courage is no matter how high the opponent's grade is.

There is a famous grandmaster who said that if I lose a game of chess, my opponent must beat me three times: first they must beat me in the opening game, then they must beat me in the middle game, and finally they must play a perfect end game.

Watch out for time pressure in games with chess clocks

1. Neither rushing nor dragging your feet.

2. After the opponent finishes, first think: Why does he want to go like this? After knowing the purpose of the opponent, it is necessary to think about what you should do, and after thinking about your own moves, ask yourself: What kind of good results can I bring to this move? If you think the result is bad, then you should think again.

3. Walk around as little as possible.

4. Usually prepare your opening library and sharpen your tactical eyes.

5. Fast chess, especially 5-minute fast chess, can not only exercise the opening, but also adapt to the future time pressure.

6. If the opponent is in a time panic, don't be afraid that the opponent will use your time to think, and the opponent will walk more. This is an easy time to make a fatal mistake. Be calm and try to do your best.

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