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Purpose and principle of chess opening

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                                                                       Purpose and principle of chess opening

The opening game determines how a game goes. Not understanding the principles of opening, the first few turns, can put an inexperienced player in a losing position.

1) What is the purpose of the opening?

The primary goal of a good start is to get the forces into the fight enough to respond to the opponent's moves and organize their own attacks.

To make the force play a combat role, it needs to be fast and effective. Every step counts!

Don't do things that don't work. Don't repeat the walk. Don't let your son roam around under the threat of the opponent, unable to find a satisfactory position.

Short of firepower, do not launch an attack too early, it will lose valuable opportunity.

The opening is like building a block with the center of the chessboard as a support point. Whoever has a strong match will win.


The science book says that the opening should pay attention to:

Control center;

Deploy the force as soon as possible;

Take care of the king's safety;

Concentrate on the superior forces and attack the weak points

No matter what the opening, a player has to work hard to play the opening principles himself, and at the same time to find ways to keep his opponent from playing the opening principles.

In chess, white has the first hand, take a slow step, at most let black draw first.

Black chess is already a backhand, take a slow step, equal to a waste of chess, it is difficult to get back.

On the principle of opening, experienced masters have this to say:

To control the center, actively take advantage of the opponent in the tit-for-tat struggle for control of the center.

It is necessary to expand the force as soon as possible and pay attention to the coordination of the force.

Every move is part of an overall strategic plan.

Son and son, to cooperate, to help each other, to work together.

Small soldiers are important, to see, and then support soldiers; There is no turning back, every step is decisive; The higher the soldier, the more powerful and vulnerable he is; Every time a soldier walks, he must know why he is walking!

Don't waste time glugging on an unthreatening pawn, two extra moves in the opening are worth more than one extra pawn.

Do not lose, but it is a good idea to abandon troops in exchange for compensation, such as: to better deploy the son, to open the line, lead away from the opponent, do not let the opposing rook castling, or simply launch a strong attack!

2) What are the opening principles?

Advance 1-2 pawns, do not need more, because the advance is not the expansion of the force!

The subgoal is to occupy or control the center.

Never give up the center to your opponent!

First out lepton, last out Rook and last out, in the opening, the Queen only crosses the 2 line attack in exceptional circumstances.

In the initial phase, do not repeat a step, unless there are exceptions.

First the horse, then the elephant. The good position of the horse is limited, the white chess is f3 and c3 grid, the black chess is f6 and c6 grid, relatively easy to find; The good position of the elephant is much, depending on the situation, it is not easy to find a good position.

It is best to move the king to a safe place before launching an attack, unless there are exceptions.

Fix your weaknesses before you attack.

At the beginning of the game, never go after the other player.

If the cloth is ahead, take the initiative to open the line, open the situation, and launch an attack. Offense is the best defense!

If the child is behind, do not take the initiative to open the line, use the closed situation, wait for work, mobilize the child force, wait for the opportunity.

Before the opponent's rook castling, avoid using the elephant to pin the opponent's horse, avoid the elephant g5.

Chess must have a plan, but can not blindly according to the plan to play chess, but also pay attention to observe, see the development trend of the chess game, flexible!

Pay attention to the coordination of the force! Children and children take care of each other, cooperate with each other, and cooperate in combat.

To play white chess, we should make full use of the advantage of the first hand and try our best to expand these advantages

When playing black chess, we should always capture the weaknesses and opportunities of our opponents and launch counterattacks.

When you encounter an unfamiliar opening, calm down and think about what you want to achieve with this opening. From this point of view, the analysis is carried out according to the opening principle.

In the modern opening, players pay great attention to creating better conditions for action in the middle game. Some professional chess players, after only a few moves, start thinking about how to play the end game!

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