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National sport - Pickleball

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                                                                               National sport - Pickleball

What is pickleball?

Pickleball (Pickleball) is a game of hitting the ball with a racket, which originated in the United States on Bendrich Island in Seattle. It is best described as a mixture of tennis, badminton and table tennis. It was invented by two people." The "Pick" ball was named after a dog belonging to one of the inventors; When the first test shots were invented, the dog named Pick used to run with the ball in his mouth.


Why is Pickleball a national sport?

In terms of physical activity and activity, pickleball is more active and active than badminton and table tennis, so it is better than badminton and table tennis in physical exercise.

The amount of activity and amount of exercise of pickleball is smaller than that of tennis, and people who do not play tennis are suitable for playing pickleball as a regular exercise. Pickleball is suitable for all ages. Especially for those who used to play tennis but now have lost the conditions to continue playing tennis, or who play table tennis or badminton, and want to look for more intense sports, pickleball is an excellent choice.

In addition, because the court and equipment required by pickleball are cheaper than that of tennis, some people call pickleball "poormen's tennis".

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