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Let's learn about Molkky game

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Since molkky tactic game was introduced to America from Europe, it has gradually developed into one of the most popular outdoor games in America, and both men, women and children can play.


Basic needs


Most outdoor games don't need much operation, while molkky original games only need a set of pins and create a throwing line using anything. Generally speaking, a set of standard pins includes 12 wooden pins with similar sizes, which will be marked with different numbers from 1 to 12, and also need a slightly larger wooden pin. Many people will make this set of pins by themselves, but you can buy mini mölkky set online or in stores if you want more convenience. For the throwing line, you can replace it with anything around you, such as rope, wood or spray paint.


85-1-molkky tactic game

The next step is to set up the game. First, arrange the pins in a specific form according to the rules of the tactic mölkky original game. This arrangement is similar to the arrangement method of bowling. Generally speaking, there are two pins in the bottom row and three pins in the top row. You can arrange them according to the following method:


Row 1: 1,2

Row 2: 3,10,4

Row 3: 5,11,12,6

Row 4: 7,9,8.


Generally speaking, in the standard Molkky competition, Molkkaari will be set 3.5 meters away from the geologic molkky pins, but if you just want to relax in your spare time, you don't have to care about the position of the throwing line.



Rules of the game


Molkky usually only needs two players, but it can also be played in two teams. People in each team should try to knock over the arranged pins with that big wooden pin, and there is no fixed requirement for throwing methods. After knocking down one or more pins, you should score points, and before the next person throws, you should reposition the npv mölkky pins. If a person fails to knock down a pin after throwing three times, then the person will be eliminated. If the first team gets 50 points, then it is the winner.


85-2-molkky tactic game


Scoring rules


There are two scoring methods in molkky kubb game. The first one is to knock down one pin, so that the number on the pin is the score. For example, if you knock down only one pin with five written on it, your score will be five points. Another method is that you knock down multiple pins. When you knock down two or more wooden molkky target pins, you don't need to add up the numbers on the knocked-down pins, but take the number of knocked-down pins as your score, for example, you knock down three big w molkky pins and your score is three points.


Another interesting thing is the calculation of the total score. To win the molkky geologic game, you need to score just 50 points. If it exceeds 50 points, your score will be directly reduced to 25 points and you will participate in the game again. That is to say, when your team or you win 48 points, the way to win the game is to just knock down a two-point pin, so it is very interesting and challenging.

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