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Key points of chess pieces

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                                                                              Key points of chess pieces

Key points of soldier:

1. Centrality of pawn: Center pawn is superior to border pawn (border pawn leads to draw)

It is generally advantageous for an elephant line soldier to be exchanged for a middle line soldier, a horse line soldier to be exchanged for a horse line soldier, and a car line soldier to be exchanged for a horse line soldier.

2. Soldier form: company soldier, lone soldier, folded soldier

In the end of the king's army, the two companies want to protect themselves from the attack of the other king, that is, no king to protect himself

If the distance between the two lone soldiers in the end game is square with the other side's bottom line, it is also no king to protect himself

A pawn stack in a battle can protect the pawn in front from flank attack.

3. Pawn advantage form: path pawn

Path pawn: is a huge situation advantage

The distant pass pawn (the pass pawn farther away from the opposing group) is the decisive advantage.

Having a root pawn (company pawn form pawn) : is a decisive advantage.

4. Path pawns: One side has more pawns on one side by advancing to replace the path pawns.

5. Pawn position advantage: High pawns (the pawns who reach the opponent's 6th line) have a huge role in the end game.

If the king of the other side is far from his own high soldier, generally the three high soldiers are in the form of a company soldier, and the role is equivalent to that of the rear.

6. The form of company soldiers: side by side soldiers, oblique company soldiers: behind soldiers called backward soldiers. If the two sides do not have their own soldiers, also called hanging soldiers

Seven. The form of weak soldiers: backward soldiers, lone soldiers, hanging soldiers, folded soldiers.

8. The lone soldier in front of the other side's outpost position, the lone soldier often becomes the target of the other side's attack, attack method: concentrate the force

If there is a lone soldier on one side after the exchange of queens, it is generally very unfavorable.

9. The grid in front of the backward soldier is the opponent's outpost, and the opponent often occupies this outpost first and then attacks.

Key points of horse, elephant, chariot, queen and king:

Horse location:

1. The expanded central front is also a good location, C5 D5 E5 F5 for white horses and C4 D4 E4 F4 for black horses, which is very advantageous after the start.

2. The horse can stand on the sixth horizontal line of the other side, which will bring great trouble to the other side.

3. The horse is placed in front of the lone soldier in the opponent's center to prevent his advance or block the opponent's passage soldier, mostly from a vantage point.

4. Horses on the edges or corners of the board are almost always bad horses.

The image of persistent lattice color:

1. Like the queen, the chariot is the eldest son, and the horse is the short son. The eldest son pays attention to the road. The smooth flow of the line is essential.

2. Bad image: An image in the same color frame as several fixed pawns, especially those in the center area, is a bad image. Because the activity line is blocked by their own soldiers, the activity ability is limited.

3. The image is usually a good position on the big slash, and it is usually a good position on the next big slash.

4. The elephant is often powerful if it matches with its own backside on a large slash line.

5. Like on the edge of the chessboard is not the appropriate position, should be treated with caution.

Driving cars:

1. Whether the line is smooth or not is closely related to whether the power of the car can be fully utilized.

2. The car is mostly favorable on the road or half road, and the result of the soldier is to create the road, the manufacturing road must be seized, such as by the other side, do not open the road.

3. Objective of capturing the passage: Invading the opponent's position (second or third line, or attacking pawn positions from behind).

4. Invasion of the second bottom line is often the first goal pursued after the occupation of the channel.

5. When the car is on the bottom line, the opposing king often becomes the target of capture. At this time, the car of one party should try to keep the car on this bottom line for as long as possible to obtain excessive profits. If the two cars are on each other's second bottom line, it is the most ideal situation.

6. A good position for a rook is if it is behind its own pawn to support it in moving forward or behind an enemy pawn to hinder it in moving forward.

Seven. Under normal circumstances, the car should not be in front of their own soldiers, is not good! Unless there's a tactical reason.

8. The car should not be in the middle of the chain between the two sides, the room for movement is limited, it is a bad car.

The majestic queen:

1. In the beginning, it is generally better to lower the middle four positions of the second line on your side, and sometimes the third and fourth lines, pinned on the corner.

2. When there are many forces, if the queen's room for activity is narrow, capturing the queen will often become the point of struggle.

3. When the other's leptons are all gone, the queen's position is better centered, such as on the side or corner, and is usually bad.

The leisurely king:

1. Before the end, the king is usually dangerous in the middle and is often the reason for the opponent's tactical combination. (early translocation)

2. In the beginning, the enthronement should be timely to seek the security of the king, and a good royal city is a royal guard composed of soldiers and leptons to protect the security of the king. A damaged or weakened city will be the first target of attack.

3. It is appropriate and feasible for the king's front pawn to advance one space, but the opponent must be careful to weaken the king's city by abandoning the son to kill the pawn or advancing for the pawn.

4. The weakness of the opposing king's bunker is naturally his preferred target.

5. If the king of both sides is not safe, then the key to victory or defeat depends largely on the speed of the attack on the other side.

6. Signs of the Bad King:

Lack of soldier protection or weak or damaged soldier protection.

The forces that attack the king outnumber those that defend the king.

Wang's movements were restricted.

7. In a endgame, the king's position in the center is often the best. Being on the edge or corner is disadvantageous.

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